Best Personalised Christening Gifts

Christening gifts have been given for many centuries. They are meant to welcome a child into the Christianity religion through the baptism or naming ceremony. The tradition probably originated with the presents given to baby Jesus as mentioned in the Christmas story.

Whether you are a godparent or a family member looking to gift a new bundle of joy with a gift on this memorable day, you’ll want to gift them with a special gift that stands out.

There is no better way to do this than to give them a personalised gift.

Why you may ask

Here’s why.

1.     Personalised Christening Gifts Have Sentimental Value

Personalised christening gifts are the ultimate winner when it comes to choosing something for keepsake. Most of them are made to create memories and sparkle the youngster’s nostalgia when they grow up.

When you want to go the extra mile and touch the heart of your godson, goddaughter or their parents, gift them with something that holds their hearts. You know, something that will make them smile beyond the chastening day. Such a memorable keepsake gift is something they’ll hold dear for years.

For instance, a personalised memory box is a great gift that can be used to keep the little one’s memories safe. You can make it even more special by adding the baby’s name, date of their christening, and a loving message.

With such a gift, you not only honour the baby but their parents too.

2.     Personalised Christening Gifts Are Practical

Practical gifts are always appreciated. Further, our view of the christening ceremony has changed with time.

A while back, it was common for people to gift infants with traditional gifts such as silver spoons. However, people are getting more practical nowadays. Many prefer personalised, practical, and age-appropriate gifts.

Thus, personalised gifts are the best if you are looking for something thoughtful and one that will be useful to the child.

The good thing is that personalising a gift can make even the most common practical present stand out.  For example, a common picture frame can be personalised to be something unique and practical by adding the little one’s name.

3.     Personalisation Makes the Christening Gift Unique

If you are looking for a rare and unique gift idea for your godson’s christening ceremony, you should consider personalised gifts.

Such gifts are hard to find in shops, and the possibility of someone else bringing the same gift to the ceremony is zero.

For instance, a simple baby blanket can be personalised with the child’s name and a lovely special message to make it stand out.

Suitable Christening Personalised Gifts

There are many personalised gifts in the market, but not all of them are ideal for christening ceremonies.

Below are some perfect christening personalised gift ideas to make your shopping easier.

1.     Personalised Unisex Gifts

If you are wondering what to get your godson or goddaughter for their christening ceremony, don’t fret.

Here are gifts that are ideal for both genders.

·      Engraved Photo Frames

A photo frame is perfect for a christening ceremony. This goes double if the frame is personalised with the child’s name or with a special message.

If you get a personalised photo frame for the little one, you can be sure the parents will rather choose yours rather than other generic ones to display their child’s photo. Further, this is a keepsake gift that will remain treasured for years to come.

·      Personalised Blocks

We did talk about personalised gifts being practical. Well, baby blocks are a perfect gift when you are looking for something that the baby can use. Baby blocks are also perfect for both boys and girls.

They are also entertaining and also perfect as a keepsakes gift that will last for years. Personalise them by engraving the little one’s name or initials on the blocks.

·      A Personalised Memory Box

This is a great gift to keep the baby’s treasured and beautiful memories. This is a gift that will bring a smile to the youngster’s face every time they want to reminiscence and look back to when they were younger.

The memory box can be handmade or engraved with the child’s name and baptism date. You can also have the child’s photo on the sides or at the top of the box. Make sure the interior colour is ideal for the child gender. For instance, you can choose a pink interior for a girl and blue interior for a boy.

·      Personalised Baptism Cards

You wouldn’t want to forget to carry a card during this special day. However, make it stand out from the other pool of cards by personalising it.

In addition to the congratulatory message, add some words of wisdom, a lovely design, or the little one’s name on the cover.

2.     Personalised Christening Religious Gifts

Sometimes you want to get the little one something related to the Christian faith.

Here are perfect gifts for such a scenario.

·      Personalised Children Religious Books

If you are looking to foster the young one’s faith at an early age, you can get them a collection of religious books fit for a child. Such books may have life lessons such as how to pray, who is God or even have bible stories.

Personalise the book with the child’s name and baptism date.

·      A Personalised Bible

A personalised bible is a wonderful christening gift that reminds the child of the reason for the occasion. With their own Bible, the child will get to learn the word of God at an early age.

You can get a child rather than an adult Bible as the former is easier to read and understand for the child. Personalise it with the child’s name at the front cover of the Bible.

·      Personalised Religious Message Plates

A lovely message plate with a religious message can be hanged on a wall, used as a mantle plate, or kept in the child’s room.

This gift is a perfect gift to remember the christening day. You can personalise it with a beautiful photo of the little one, their name, or add a special message to make it unique.

Our Top Recommended Christening Gifts

Finding the perfect christening gift can be a tedious task considering that there are so many in the market. However, we went to the market and came up with this gift list that features our top recommended gifts.

After going through our list, we hope you’ll find a gift that is perfect for your favourite little one on their christening day.

1.     Nursery Rhythm Book

Personalised Nursery Rhyme Book

This timeless and lovely nursery rhythm book has 19 rhythms that will get the little one singing to each one of them. It features popular rhythms such as Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Bo Peep, and Humpty Dumpty, among others.

Further, the book has delightful illustrations for each song. This is a gift that will also be a source of unending fun, even for the little ones who can only look at the brightly coloured images.

Each of these rhythms can be personalised with the little one’s name. The first page also has enough space for you to include a personalised message for the child.

2.     Christening Certificate Holder

Personalised Christening Certificate Holder

Every parent needs a special place to keep their child’s christening certificate. What better place to keep it than in this certificate holder.

This silver certificate holder has a cute motif design and also comes in a lovely white gift box.

It also has a stand that can be personalised with a special message.  The engraved “on your christening” words that are permanent on the holder makes this gift very personal.

3.     Personalised Christening Cross Blanket

Personalised Christening Cross Blanket

You’ll never go wrong when you buy a baby blanket as a christening gift.  Baby blankets are practical, and every mom needs more than one.

This white, soft fleece blanket will keep the baby warm and snug. It also features a cross image, which is great if you wanted to gift the little one with something with religious meaning. You can personalise it with the child’s name and the date of the christening on the space provided next to the cross.

4.     Personalised Godparent’s Photo Frame

Personalised Silver 5x7 Godparents Photo Frame

Another thoughtful gift, especially coming from the child’s godparents.

This personalised photo frame is made of aluminium, making it very durable. It comes with the word godparents engraved at the top of the frame, which makes it special and unique.

You can personalise it with a two lines message at the bottom, which can include the child’s name and a lovely message to your godson or goddaughter.

5.     Bible Trinket Box

Personalised Bible Trinket Box

We love this trinket box, its unique and practical at the same time. We all know that the little boy or girl will grow up someday, and this box ensures all their beautiful memories are not lost.

Its unique bible design makes it stand out. The box’s inside is lined with a blue flock, and you can personalise it at the front with a special message of up to four lines with twenty characters each.

6.     Personalised Baby Booties

These gorgeous booties are perfect for a lovely girl. They come in two-choice colours-silver and gold. Since they are made from PU leather, they will last.

We love that the boots give you 80 characters to write your special message to that lovely girl. The booties come in a wonderful white gift box and are hand-tied with a beautiful, soft, satin ribbon that makes them perfect for your little angel.

7.     Footprints ABC money box

Personalised Footprints ABC Money Box

Silver money boxes have been given out as christening gifts for many years. If you want something out of the box, then this little treasure will serve you best.

This cube money box is silver plated and will help the young one learn how to turn their pennies into pounds early enough. The box has two letters from the alphabet on each side and an appropriate image next to these letters.

You can personalise it with up to four lines of a lovely special message

There you have it. Now you are well informed on why you should go for a personalised christening gift rather than a generic gift. You also do not have an excuse for not getting the perfect personalised christening gift for that lovely boy or girl. It’s time to get shopping!