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Christmas Baubles & Tree Decorations

Personalised Christmas decorations make a fantastic unique gift and are a terrific way to decorate your Christmas tree or your home. They are special and are a great keepsake item that you and your family can treasure for years.

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If you are looking forward to a memorable Christmas, do away with your usual plain and traditional glass balls and icicles decorations and try our unique personalised decorations.

If you intend to gift the newest couple in town with a gift this Christmas, you can opt for couple baubles. This is also an ideal gift for a couple who are friends to you and your family. Rather than turning up at their home empty-handed this Christmas, gift them with couple baubles that can be personalised with the couple names. My First Christmas Bauble is the best gift you can gift the newest member of a family who is also celebrating their first Christmas this year. Although the recipient of the gift may not understand why you are giving them something due to their age, the family will appreciate that you went out of your way to get the little one something. This can also be a perfect keepsake gift as it will always remind the family of this Christmas when they celebrated with their newest addition. In Loving Memory Baubles, If your family recently lost someone that meant the world to you, celebrate their lives this Christmas by having a personalised in loving memory bauble. Such a bauble shows that you are thinking of your loved one, even amid merrymaking and shows that their memory isn’t forgotten. This bauble can also be used on another occasion to remind everyone how much the departed soul is missed. It can be personalised with the departed person’s name and date of demise.

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