I Am Glad… Godmother Wooden Heart Decoration


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This I Am Glad… Godmother Wooden Heart Decoration is a gorgeous gift for any Godmother. It can be hung around the home as a decoration or even used as a unique and thoughtful gift tag.


Warning: please double check your personalisation as how it appears here will be how it appears on the product, including spacing and punctuation. Please do not include accents and special symbols as some of our processes will not allow this. This includes accents above and below the alphabetical or numerical text.


This wooden heart decoration can be personalised with a name up to 12 characters and a message over 2 lines with up to 20 characters per line. Please note that the name is case sensitive and will appear as entered, whereas the message below is in block capitals as standard. Please avoid entering your chosen name in block capitals as this may result in the text being difficult to read.

The text ‘I am glad that you’re my Godmother’ is fixed and cannot be amended.

This decoration is made from lightweight white wood board and is supplied ready to hang straight on to a gift, mantelpiece or tree.

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 0.3cm

Lead Time: 1 – 3 days

This item is not available for next day delivery.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.3 cm



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2 reviews for I Am Glad… Godmother Wooden Heart Decoration

  1. Personalised Christmas Sacks and StockingsChristmas is full of small wonderful traditions. One of those traditions includes a visit from Santa and the anticipation that he will come bearing gifts in his sack. The children await Santa patiently hoping he will put some gifts in their Christmas stockings.

    Santa sacks and stockings are the perfect Christmas gifts for your family, especially if you don’t want gifts pilling up under the Christmas tree. Our personalised Christmas sacks and stockings make great options to hold all your wonderful presents this Christmas, and they will look great as Christmas decorations too.

    Why Gift them with Personalised Christmas Sacks and Stockings this Christmas?

    You have an array of gifts for you to choose from as Christmas presents. However, we advise you to consider Santa sacks and stockings as wonderful gifts for your loved ones this season.

    Here are a few reasons why such personalised gifts are a suitable option.

    ·      Continue an Important Christmas Tradition

    Santa sacks have been a tradition for many families for decades. On Christmas Eve, family members leave their empty sacks beside their bed or near the Christmas tree and await Santa’s to fill their sack with gifts.

    Similarly, kids hang their stockings from the mantel and wait patiently for Santa to fill them with candies or other small gifts.

    Thus, if you gift someone a Santa sack or stocking, you can be sure they will use it. This is a practical gift that also allows for the continuity of a wonderful Christmas tradition.

    Make the gift even more special by personalising it with a sweet message or the recipient’s name.

    • They Are Reusable

    The best thing about our personalised sacks and stockings is that they are long-lasting and eco-friendly. These gift bags and stockings are strong and soft, which makes them perfect for holding any gift. Whether you are putting in toys, Christmas decorations, or a Christmas pudding, these sacks and stockings won’t disappoint.

    Moreover, if you buy them for your family, you can reuse them in years to come saving you lots of cash needed to buy more sacks and stockings every year.

    And with a personalised message, these sacks and stockings are sure to make your loved ones smile.

    • Great for Putting Gifts

    We all know how tedious gift wrapping can be, especially if you have a couple of gifts for your friends or family members.

    Well, our Christmas sacks and stockings are the perfect solutions to gift wrapping.

    Santa sacks and stockings make easy gift packaging solutions. Unlike gift boxes, you don’t need to assemble these sacks and stockings, and they take very little space.

    Further, they are perfect for those large hard to wrap gifts as all you have to do is put them into the sacks or stockings. Besides, our sacks and stockings are large enough for those odd sized gifts.

    And don’t forget that our sacks and stockings are personalised, making them even better. These gifts make it easier for you to store your loved one's gifts before they open them on the morning of Christmas. They also have double drawstrings making them easy to open and close.

    • Matching Designs and Personalised Names

    Create a family tradition with Santa sacks and stockings with matching designs and names. They also come in matching colours. This will work for all your family members and even pets.

    With personalised names, there is no way any of your children will confuse their sacks or stockings.

    Whether you are looking for cotton, luxury, pompom, or multicoloured sacks and matching stockings, you’ll find the perfect ones from our collection.

    Our Best Christmas Personalised Sacks and Stockings

    Everyone loves a personalised gift. Such a gift makes one feel special and appreciated.

    This Christmas, don’t go for the generic Santa sacks and stockings. Personalised ones are much better.

    If you have no idea which ones to pick or where to get them, we have the best personalised sacks and stockings for you.

    Read through our nine recommended Christmas sacks and stockings, and hopefully, you’ll find a few that will please you.

    1.     Me to You Reindeer Luxury Pompom Sack

    The reindeer that pulls the Santa sleigh is a common symbol during Christmas.

    This reindeer sack that is coloured in the traditional Christmas red colour is a perfect gift for your loved one. This item is made of quality fleece, and it’s very durable. The sack comes with a drawstring making it easy to open and close. You can personalise it with your loved one name, and there is a similarly designed stocking that you can purchase at an extra cost.

    2.     Baby Polar Bear Luxury Silver Grey Stocking

    Baby Polar Bear Luxury Silver Grey Stocking

    There is something about a polar bear that gets to everyone during Christmas. At the sight of this beautiful animal, most of us just seize up in a lovely way.

    I am sure this grey baby polar bear stocking will have a similar effect on your loved one this Christmas. The grey colour and the white plush cuff at the top of this stocking make it look so good. The stocking also has a hoop for easy hanging. It’s polyester material is long-lasting and you can personalise the stocking with your recipient’s name.

    3.     Christmas tree Luxury Silver Grey Pompom Sack

    Christmas Tree Luxury Silver Grey Pom Pom Sack

    The lovely fir tree with its evergreen colour during winter signifies optimism and radiance even in the harshest conditions. Every family loves to decorate their green Christmas tree to display the spirit of joy and renewal during the grey winter days, and a Christmas tree Santa sack under the Christmas tree makes the mood even jollier.

    This Christmas tree pompom sack has a luxury silver grey colour perfect for this cold season.  It’s made from quality soft fleece and comes with a drawstring making it easy to stack your gifts. Personalise it with the recipient’s name for that special touch.

    4.     Red Christmas Santa Sack

    Red Christmas Santa Sack

    Christmas without Santa is boring. From adults to children, we all love Santa. He brings lovely gifts to all of us and is the true symbol of Christmas.

    This red sack is a perfect symbol of Christmas as it comes with a lovely picture of Santa at the centre of the sack. Made with quality fleece, it makes for a soft place to put all the Santa’s treats.  You can personalise your sack with the recipient’s name. If you are getting more than one, there will be no confusion once you get home, as each family member will have their own personalised sack.

    5.     Dog Treats Luxury Stocking

    Dog Treats Luxury Stocking

    Christmas is for everyone your pets included. If you have a dog as a pet, get this dog treat personalised stocking for putting in your pup’s treats. They will love you for it.

    The stocking has a soft white cuff at the top and a lovely white hoop for easy hanging. Make it even more special for your pet by including your dog’s name on the stocking.

    Lovely, isn’t it?

    6.     Retro Reindeer Hessian Sack

    Personalised Retro Reindeer Hessian Sack

    The retro reindeer hessian sack is the perfect novelty sack for all the large presents you bought for Christmas. This is a wonderful traditional decoration next to your Christmas tree.

    This sack is made from rustic hessian and has a lovely printed image of a reindeer. You can personalize it with a name or a sweet message for the recipient. It also comes with drawstrings at the side for ease of opening and closing.

    What’s not to love about this retro sack that brings a rustic feel to any home?

    7.     Cat Treats Luxury Stocking

    Cat Treats Luxury Stocking

    According to St. Francis of Assisi, we shouldn’t forget our animals during Christmas. We should give them rest and good food.

    This Christmas, appreciate and remember your lovely cat with treats.  This cat stocking makes for the perfect place to put those treats.

    The velvet stocking is red and the upper cuff is white. The hoop makes it easy to hang it on your mantle, and you know by now you can personalise it with your favourite pet’s name.

    8.     Boy’s Initial Cotton Sack

    Personalised Boys Initial Cotton Sack

    If you prefer a natural-looking sack, then this cotton sack is your best bet. This sack is 100 percent cotton, and it’s large enough to fit all your gifts. Cotton is a durable material, so you can bet that this sack will remain strong for a lifetime. We also love that you can add a personalised touch by adding your loved one initial.

    We encourage you to buy several of these for your boys and get similar ones for your girls from our collection. You’ll be surprised at how good they look next to your fireplace or Christmas tree.

    9.     Festive Fox Luxury Stocking

    Festive Fox Luxury Stocking

    Every child wants to discover what’s in their Christmas stockings. Make opening those Christmas gifts more magical by putting them in this super-cute fox luxury stocking.

    Every child will love this beautiful stocking that comes in the traditional red Christmas colour. Made from 100% polyester, this is a sock that is bound to last for many Christmases. It has a white fleece top and a red hoop for hanging.

    Make the stocking even lovelier by including your loved one’s name on it.

    In conclusion, this year, do something different for your loved ones by getting them personalised Santa sacks and stockings. You can’t go wrong with any of our special Christmas sacks and stockings. They are long-lasting and you will get yourself rid of all the confusion that is experienced every Christmas morning as everyone tries to figure out which among the numerous stockings or sacks is theirs.
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  2. Personalised Gifts for MenBuying gifts for him, whether “him” is your down-to-earth brother, the best grandpa, doting dad, beloved boyfriend, fiancé, or your compassionate and loving husband, finding the perfect gift for them is a plus.

    Speaking of gifting the important men in your life, finding the ultimate presents for them can be made extra special through customising ideas.

    Essential Tips for getting Personalised Gifts for Him

    Many people have stated that buying gifts for men is work in itself.  Why? You may ask.

    Perhaps because many of them do not associate their feelings with the gifts they receive.  They are less vocal about how they express their love when presented with gifts.

    This comes as no surprise that because of the challenge that comes with gifting men, we end up gifting them with the same things over and over again.

    While some of these gifts (the usual tie, the normal cufflinks, the ordinary watch, or that common cologne) may be appreciated, others not so much.

    Gifting men does not have to be a constant challenge.  Instead, it can be made fun by making the gifts personal.

    Personalised gifts for him are a phenomenal and great way of showing that you care.

    While you are thinking of customising a gift for him, you might want to take note of the following pointers:

    • The gift you are thinking of presenting to him should be useful

    It would be such a bummer to discover the gift you presented to an important man in your life pretty much sits in a box, in a corner somewhere, probably dusty.

    Such “idle” gifts are also ideal candidates of being re-gifted, which is sad.

    It would make much more sense to personalise a gift that can be reused by the recipient.  This would mean the gift was not only thoughtful but also serves an essential purpose in the life of the recipient.

    The motto here is that if it adds long-term value to the recipient’s life, then it is something worth buying.

    • The gift you are thinking of buying for him should be of high-quality

    It is no brainer that quality gifts are durable.  As such, personalising a gift that is of high quality will likely have an extended shelf life.

    Such a gift should be something that he would not usually get because of the price.

    Personalising a quality gift, he is probably not expecting will not only offer the best surprise, but it will also scream “you deserve this and much more!”

    • Take note of his Needs

    This pointer is related to the other two tips earlier discussed.

    When you discover what he needs, this will make your gift-hunting much easier.

    You will be in a position to search for a gift that is of quality, which you can then buy and personalise.

    In the end, you will have personalised a gift for him that is useful, and which will also be a total surprise.

    What Gifts can be personalised for Him?

    There are many different gifts that you can add a personal touch to through customisation and present them to the special men in your life.

    You may opt to personalise jewellery for him.  Such jewellery may include stylish watches, rings, pocket watches, beautiful cufflinks, watch boxes, valets, and bracelets.

    You might also want to consider personalising the manly accessories, which may include wallets, pen/pocket knives, travel bags, key chains, apron, towels, and lighters.

    You might also consider customising his barware, mugs, chopping board, barbecue grilling set, and for sports enthusiasts, their sporting paraphernalia.

    It is clear from the above that many gifts can be personalised for men depending on what you know about them, what they need the most, and the things that are likely to make them shed tears of joy, secretly.

    Our Range of Personalised Gifts for Men

    Read on to find out more about what we stock at For You that you might choose to personalise, and which are guaranteed to make the special men in your life feel loved and important.

    1.    To the Moon and Back Square Cufflinks

    Personalised To the Moon and Back Square Cufflinks

    These beautiful cufflinks adorned with the text “I love you…to the moon and back” and dimensions, 1.6cm X 1.6cm X 2.0cm can be customised with a name not exceeding twelve characters.

    These cufflinks come with a stylish black box that makes them stand out.

    These cufflinks are perfect for sending a sweet message that tells the recipient you love him to the moon and back.

    These personalised cufflinks are superb for gifting a special man on his birthday, on Valentine’s day or even on Father’s Day.

    2.    Diamond Stainless Steel Tankard

    Personalised Diamond Stainless Steel Tankard

    Our diamond stainless steel tankard is an extraordinary gift for men who are beer lovers.

    This product allows you to personalise with a name not exceeding 12 characters, and also provides you with room to write a 3-line message.

    You can personalise this gift for him with a sweet message for his birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, or for Father’s Day.

    3.    Perfectly aged Round Chopping Board

    Personalised Perfectly Aged Round Chopping Board

    Our perfectly aged round chopping board is an ideal gift to present to a guy who is so much into cooking or better yet, a man who is an aspiring chef.

    You can personalise this gift with two lines of text not exceeding 15 characters.  This would be a thoughtful, useful and practical gift to present to the ideal recipient for his birthday.

    4.    Polish & Shine Shoeshine Kit

    Personalised Polish & Shine Shoeshine Kit

    Our polish & shine shoeshine kit is a practical gift that allows name customisation for text not exceeding 12 characters.

    This unique kit comes with a shoe shine cloth, a wooden polishing brush, and a neutral polish.

    This gift is ideal for just about any occasion.  It can be presented on birthdays and Father's Day.  It is also idyllic to gift a groom for his shoes on his wedding day.

    5.    Fork & Trowel Set

    Personalised Fork & Trowel Set

    Who said gardening men could not be presented with customised gifts?

    Our fork & trowel kit allows personalisation with text, not over 20 characters.

    This gift is of high-quality given by the fact that it is made of quality carbon steel adorned with mottled effects and the handles are made from ash timber.

    This quality gift is practical for a handy gardening man, and its material is guaranteed to give it a long life, confirming its value to its recipient.

    You can gift this to your grandpa, father in law, or your dad for his birthday, or on Father’s Day.

    6.    Grandad & Me 5x7 Photo Frame

    Personalised Grandad & Me 5x7 Photo Frame

    Our Grandad & Me photo frame is a perfect personalised gift that adds spice to those special moments captured on photos that feature grandpas and their grandkids.

    This photo frame is perfect for fitting a landscape photo and allows personalisation of two lines of text, each line not above 30 characters.

    The frames are built from Chinese walnut catalpa wood, which makes this gift durable and a special keepsake.

    If you are stuck about what to get your grandpa on Father's Day or for his upcoming birthday, this might be the perfect gift he will treasure.

    7.    Handsome Hands Manicure Set

    Personalised Handsome Hands Manicure Set

    Our handsome hands' manicure set is terrific for a man who enjoys having their hands and nails maintained in perfect condition.

    This unique set comes with tweezers, nail clippers, nail scissors, and a cuticle pusher.  There is also a mirror fitted into the lid of the box.

    This manicure set can be personalised with a text of up to 12 characters.

    Looking for a perfect birthday gift for a guy who minds the look of his hands and nails, then you might just have gotten the most practical, useful and thoughtful gift for him.

    8.    Patterns Worlds Best Blue Latte Mug

    Personalised Patterns Worlds Best Blue Latte Mug

    Our world’s best latte mug adorned with bright colours is a fantabulous personalised gift idea for a special man’s birthday or Father’s Day.

    The front text "world's best" is fixed, giving you to personalise with the recipient's name or title with text not more than 12 characters.

    The rear part of the mug can be personalised with a beautiful message organised in four lines and a maximum of 20 characters for each line.

    This adorable gift also comes with five sweet toffees, which will undoubtedly put a smile on the recipient's face.

    This gift is a masterpiece that can be presented to the ideal recipient on Father’s Day.


    Gifts hold a special place in our hearts.  This is because they form the basis of developing worthwhile and loving relationships with the people in our lives.

    Personalised gifts are a vital icing to the cake because they move hearts in unique and special ways.

    Personalised gifts for men, including those customised with his name, initials, title, or those that send critical messages, are an essential way of telling the special men in your life that you adore and appreciate them.

    They will also reveal the emotional side of most men like never before.  So, don’t be left out as you go about your next gift-hunting escapade!!!

    Cheers and happy shopping!
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  3. Personalised Christmas GiftsChristmas. An exceptional holiday.

    The history around Christmas reveals an array of traditions and customs.

    One of the many Christmas traditions that has endured over the years, and which has evolved is the concept of Christmas presents.

    Speaking of Christmas and presents, this is the whole idea behind the Christmas festivities.

    One, because Jesus Christ was a gift to us, from God.  And two, because the season reminds us of the gesture shown by the three wise men when they gifted baby Jesus with three magnificent presents: Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense.

    Thanks to the beautiful Christmas story, gift-giving was cemented into the culture of the festivities.

    Families and friends receive and give gifts during the season.  And children have come to associate Christmas with gifts.

    Still, on Christmas and presents, a type of gift idea that has become popular over the years is personalised Christmas gifts.

    Personalised Christmas gifts are slowly becoming popular, and they are redefining gift-hunting and gift-giving during the Christmas festivities.

    Personalised Christmas gifts are a new way of showing your family, friends, and other loved ones that you value, care, and adore them.

    Customised gifts are commanding a more significant chunk of the gift-giving market, and this Christmas, you should not be left out.

    Why you should buy Personalised Gifts this Christmas

    This Christmas, you ought to make a point of having personalised presents feature in your gift list.  Why?

    Because a customised Christmas gift will make your loved one know that it was made specifically for him/her.

    This will make your recipient appreciate the fact that you took time off your schedule to plan for his/her gift.  This will certainly make your recipient feel extra special.

    Getting a customised gift for your family and friends will also eliminate having the disappointments associated with the “outdated” gift-hunting trends.

    Such disappointments include: spending hours and hours in malls trying to find the perfect gift, and still having to settle for just about anything because no great gift was found, winding up with nothing after a last-minute gift-hunt, and having to give a wacky gift.

    Personalised Christmas gifts are worth every dime spent on them.  True, personalised gifts may require you to go a little deeper in your pockets, but it is all worth it.

    Contributing to the joy and happiness of a loved one is priceless, and so saving up for this will come in handy for you.

    What are the examples of Products that can be Customised?

    There are different things you can choose to add a personal touch to, thus making them more valuable and extra special.

    The personal spice can be added to Christmas stockings, plush sucks, notebooks, passport holders, photo frames, jewellery boxes, ornaments, pens, wallets, plates, blankets, mugs, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, aprons, and a vast range of Christmas décor (such as baubles).

    You can pretty much think about anything that can be presented as a Christmas gift.  Once you have settled on something, you can think of customising ideas that you might want to apply on the product.

    The personal touch can be the recipient's name, initials, a specially crafted message, a sweet story, or even a milestone.

    Looking for great personalised Christmas gift ideas for the holidays that your loved ones will truly love and cherish?

    Come along and see just a couple of personalised Christmas gifts we stock at For You.

    A sample of what we have at For You

    1.    Pink My 1st Christmas Tree Photo Frame Decoration

    Personalised Pink My 1st Christmas Tree Photo Frame Decoration

    Our pink snowflakes photo frame decoration is a superb personalised Christmas gift that can be presented to a baby who is celebrating his first Christmas.

    The material of this photo frame is wood, and it has a fixed text "My 1st Christmas,” giving one room to personalise with the baby’s name and the Christmas year.

    The icing to the cake on this decoration is the frame that can fit a photo with measurements 7.5cm X 7.0cm.  This is perfect for fitting the recipient’s photo.

    This product is fabulous and is an excellent decoration to add to a Christmas tree.  This product will also look amazing hung anywhere else in the house, aside from the Christmas tree.

    The best part is that this present is worth a keep because it tells of a beautiful baby milestone that will be remembered for years.

    2.    Silver Plated Initials Disc Bracelet

    Personalised Silver Plated Initials Disc Bracelet

    An elegant gift is something.  An elegant personalised gift is much more stylish, thoughtful, and extra adorable.

    This is the idea behind our silver-plated initials disc bracelet.

    This 8.5-inch long bracelet is a masterpiece that allows you to personalise with three initials and is an utter sheer for gifting your beloved wife, girlfriend, or any other special lady in your life, for Christmas.

    3.    Me to You the One I love at Christmas Book

    Personalised Me to You The One I Love at Christmas Book

    Poems and Lovers go way back.

    Our “The One I Love at Christmas” is a poem book that is phenomenal for the festivities and is an idyllic romantic treat for your partner.

    This poem book has dimensions of 20cm X 20cm, and it has 28 magical pages, guaranteed to spread the love during the Christmas festivities.

    Our poem book allows you to personalise with your name and that of the recipient.  Both names can also be viewed in the illustrations as you flip through the book’s pages.

    For couples in love, this is an ideal personalised Christmas gift.

    4.    Highland Stag Scented Jar Candle

    Personalised Highland Stag Scented Jar Candle

    Beautifully scented candles equal heavenly fragrances and warmth in the home, which is superb for Christmas.

    Our highland stag scented jar candle is an essential gift that will add elegance and warmth to any home.

    The candle is made from paraffin wax and has a burn time of 25 hours, perfect to burn during Christmas dinner.

    Our different scents allow you to choose the fragrances you would wish to have in your home.

    You may opt to personalise this gift with the family name, or you may gift it to individuals, thus customising with their names.

    5.    Christmas Hanging Slate Plaque

    Personalised Christmas Hanging Slate Plaque

    Beautifully designed door signs provide a stylish décor to homes.  And our Christmas hanging slate plaque is uniquely designed to add a touch of class and elegance to your home.

    The text “Christmas at” is fixed, leaving you room to personalise with the names of the recipients (up to 25 characters).

    This personalised Christmas gift is stunning and is a unique hanging decoration that is also a keepsake that can be used for many Christmases.  Sounds like a great deal!

    6.    Boofle Christmas Reindeer Bauble

    Personalised Boofle Christmas Reindeer Bauble

    Decorating Christmas trees is one of the highlights of the holidays.

    Christmas decorations involve adorning Christmas trees with an array of ornaments and baubles.  The tradition of decorating Christmas trees is practiced in virtually almost every home in the country.

    The question is, have you tried decorating your Christmas trees with unique personalised baubles?

    This is a new a refreshing concept in Christmas decorations that deviates from the traditional one-coloured and mostly boring baubles.

    Our Boofle Christmas Reindeer bauble grants you the opportunity to customise your baubles.  You may customise with the recipient’s title, name, and even a message on the reverse of the bauble.

    A personalised Christmas bauble will certainly look the part hung on a Christmas tree or any other area of the home.

    You might want to consider this gift idea to add to the fun and to brighten your home during the holidays.

    7.    Large Wooden Christmas Eve Box

    Our large wooden Christmas Eve box is made from natural wood, making it authentic.  You can personalise this box with the recipient’s name not exceeding 12 characters.

    This box is perfect for Christmas Eve, especially in keeping the little ones engaged as you make your last-minute Christmas preparations.

    You can fill this box with a variety of treats which the little ones will undoubtedly appreciate and cherish.

    Further, this box can be kept as a treasure for years to come.

    8.    Rachel Hale Cute Kitten A5 Notebook

    Personalised Rachael Hale Cute Kitten A5 Notebook

    This Rachel Hale Kitten A5 notebook is cute, chic, and stylish that will melt the heart of your little girl.

    Personalising this notebook with your little girl’s name will make it more personal and is thoughtful.

    The 40 double-sided pages are enough for your little girl to jot down notes while thinking of how special you are.

    Christmas is all about being jolly, merrymaking, and spreading the love.

    Of the many ways that you can touch the souls of your family, friends, and loved ones, personalised gifts are among the top of the list.

    As such, we invite you at For You to be part of showing your loved ones that you are thoughtful and that you value them by gifting them with our unique and personalised Christmas gifts range.

    We believe that the products we stock, which vary in style and design, make adorable gifts, perfect for celebrating a special Christmas.

    Happy holidays in advance!
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  4. Personalised Christmas Sacks The time to get into the jolly festive mood is almost here, and yes, it is because the Christmas cheer is around the corner.

    One thing that is synonymous to the Christmas festive season is gift-giving.

    Speaking of gift-giving during the Christmas cheer, the newest kid on the block that has become popular of late is including a touch of customisation in the gifts we present to our family members and friends.

    This Christmas, when you are gifting your loved ones, you may start your search for the best gift by looking at a range of personalised Christmas sacks.

    Our collection of personalised Christmas sacks will kick start the jolly mood because they will make your kids, colleagues, family members, and friends feel extra special.

    Why are Personalised Gifts Perfect for Christmas?

    The worst mistake people make is, dashing into a store, often last minute, and picking just any gift and assume they will make the recipient feel appreciated and special.

    In a world bombarded with a plethora of items to gift, some questions that should come to your mind when you are about to make that gift purchase is, “what will this gift mean to the recipient?” or “What emotions will this gift spark in the recipient?”

    If the gift is likely to mean nothing, or if it does not trigger emotions that say “you are valued and loved,” then you probably should not get it.

    The message here is that personalised gifts go an extra mile and the same cannot be said for the not-so-personal ones.

    And for Christmas, personalised gifts add to the jolly mood of the festive season.

    Here is why.

    1.     Personalised gifts promote connection at a personal level

    In any relationship, a personal connection is pivotal.  Personal connections in relationships give us a sense of belonging and identity.  Further, such connections are also therapeutic.

    When you take your time to gift a special someone with, say using, a personalised Christmas sack, positive relations are likely to result.

    Your loved one will feel loved and adored because you took your time to prepare this special gift for them, and this will most certainly boost your personal connection.

    2.     Personalised Gifts are Exclusive

    It is such a bummer that you give a gift to a friend or a family member only to discover someone else gifted the exact thing.

    A customised gift with either the recipient’s name or initial is exclusive, unique and thoughtful, and it will keep off the possibility of having disappointments of seeing a copy of your gift presented to the same person.

    3.     Personalised Gifts are a Treasure

    It is no brainer that some gifts are easily forgotten.

    Personalised gifts, on the other hand, are a treasure by their right because they ooze with affection, which makes them stand out.

    Picture a Christmas sack for your baby for his first Christmas.  Picture this sack personalised with his name and backed up with some sweet words that show it is his first Christmas.

    Such a gift is a significant treasure because it not only shows an important milestone, but it also tells a sweet story that your baby will truly appreciate as he gets older and sees how thoughtful his parent was when he was young.

    4.     Personalised Gifts are Universal

    Personalised gifts melt everyone’s heart.

    Consider this; you may present a customised Christmas sack to your kids, friends, siblings, grandparents, or even that couple that is celebrating their first Christmas together after their wedding.

    Such a gift will come with some sense of ownership, which will further cement the bond and adoration in your relationships.

    5.     Personalised gifts are fun, and they allow you to get in touch with your Creative Self

    Gift hunting can prove to be boring, especially if it monotonous.

    Searching for and buying gifts does not have to be boring.

    On the contrary, it can be a fun way of getting in touch with your creative self.  You might surprise yourself when you discover that you are a creative soul.

    As you go about your business of gift hunting for the coming Christmas season, you can incorporate fun as you think of the creative words you can engrave on a Christmas sack that will likely make the recipients know that you love, adore and care for them.

    Make the Spirit of the Christmas Festive Season Jolly

    It is no doubt personalised Christmas gifts will make the spirit of the festive season jolly.

    This is all thanks to the fact that personalised gifts are valued in people hearts, whether the recipient is celebrating her first, third, fiftieth, or even her ninetieth Christmas.

    Our unique and diverse range of personalised Christmas sacks can make it happen for you.

    We value memories, we treasure the big smiles, and tears of joy people shed when they see their customised gifts for their first time.

    If you are looking to join the personalised gifts bandwagon, you might want to sample out a range of our personalised Christmas sacks, which you may use to gift your loved ones.

    1.     Pocket Teddy My 1st Christmas Pom Pom Sack

    Personalised Pocket Teddy My 1st Christmas Pom Pom Sack

    It is exciting for parents when their children hit milestones, and celebrating their first Christmas is an example of those special moments.

    This cute little pom pom sack was specially created with this thought in mind, to celebrate your child’s first Christmas.

    You share the details of your vision, and we realise this by delivering what you asked for as far as name customisation is concerned.

    The best part is, such a personalised sack is a treasure, and it can be used to present gifts, years to come.  As such, it will be an essential aspect of your child's Christmas memories.

    2.     Reindeer Couple Hessian Sack

    Personalised Reindeer Couple Hessian Sack

    Gift hunting for couples may be tough.  Our reindeer couple hessian sack simplifies everything for you.

    This beautiful sack adorned with two reindeer spotting love hearts is idyllic for gifting your favourite couple.

    The best part is that this sack is timeless and you can use it to present gifts to newlyweds or that couple that has aged gracefully in their marriage.

    You make your order on how you want us to customise your product, and we will do just that.

    3.     Boofle Reindeer Christmas Cotton Sack

    Personalised Boofle Christmas Reindeer Cotton Sack

    You might also want to consider gifting your loved ones this Christmas season using our Boofle reindeer cotton sack.

    This product is made from a strong and lasting material, and it is perfect for sending those warm Christmas wishes to your family and friends.

    4.     Gingerbread Man Cotton Sack

    Personalised Gingerbread Man Cotton Sack

    You might also want to gift your little ones, or nieces, nephews, your friends’ children or grandchildren using this Christmas sack.

    The smiling gingerbread man wearing Santa's red hat will undoubtedly be a treasure to the little ones.

    This ideal Christmas sack should make it to your shopping list, especially if the recipient loves the gingerbread man story.

    5.     Festive Fox Multicoloured Pom Pom Sack

    Personalised Festive Fox Multicoloured Pom Pom Sack

    Our warm festive fox multicoloured pom  pom sack will brighten your recipient’s Christmas morning.

    The icing on the cake on this one is festive fox’s image.

    This personalised Christmas sack is magnificent for gifting young recipients.  They are likely to appreciate the bright colours and fantastic personalisation on this sack.

    6.     Special Delivery Luxury Pom Pom Sack

    Personalised Special Delivery Luxury Pom Pom Sack

    Our special delivery luxury pom  pom sack simply looks luxurious.

    This beautiful Christmas sack bears a special delivery note from Santa to the recipient.  It is exceptionally suitable for recipients who are infatuated by Santa and the fact that he comes bearing gifts.

    7.     Unicorn Multicoloured Pom Pom Sack

    Our multicoloured pom pom sack, adorned with a unicorn, snow, gift boxes, rainbow, and a Christmas tree, is magical to look at.

    This sack’s multicolour will certainly put a smile on the recipient’s face.

    You can use this personalised Christmas sack to send warm wishes during this Christmas festivities.

    This Christmas sack will be valued more by recipients who love legends that revolve around unicorns and their magical nature.

    8.     Pocket Santa Pom Pom Sack

    Personalised Pocket Santa Pom Pom Sack

    Our pocket Santa pom pom sack is a sight to behold.

    This Christmas sack spots Santa’s image and right below that, an ample space to write the recipient’s name.

    This pocket Santa pom pom sack is a fantastic way of presenting gifts from Santa, and it is a vital match for a recipient who adores Santa.

    This ensemble is superb for Christmas morning when your kids wake up and are curious to find out if Santa visited them if they were on Santa's good list, and if Santa left something for them.

    The other best part is that it can be reused in the years to come.

    In closing, personalised gifts are ideal for celebrating special seasons and the important people in our lives.  And For You, we have a myriad of Christmas sack designs, specially made to warm the hearts of your loved ones.

    This Christmas, you have no excuse not to present a personalised gift.  And so, as you start gift-hunting, personalised Christmas sacks ought to feature at the top of your shopping list.
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  5. Personalised Christmas decorationsIf you are looking forward to a memorable Christmas, we would advise you to do away with your usual plain and traditional glass balls and icicles decorations and try our unique personalised decorations.

    Personalised Christmas decorations are a terrific way to decorate your Christmas tree or your home. They are unique and are great keepsake items that you and your family can treasure for years.

    Need more convincing? Here are other reasons why personalised decorations are the way to go this Christmas season.

    ·      Can Be Customised For the Occasion

    A personalised Christmas decoration can be customised to fit not only the occasion but also the recipient. For instance, you can hand paint the decoration and add the recipient’s name.

    Let’s take the example of Christmas stockings, which are often used to tuck Christmas gifts for each member of the family. Most of these stockings have a special touch to them making it easier for the owners to identify them. This year, you can make Christmas merrier for your family members by adding an embroiled name to each Christmas stocking, making it special for the recipient.

    ·      They Show Your Creativity

    Personalised Christmas decorations give you a chance to show others your creative side.

    There are no rules when it comes to personalising such decorations. For instance, you can have decorations that include the pet name or nickname of your family members.

    Further, you can personalise the decoration to best describe your relationship or friendship with your loved one. You can also consider the other person’s favourite colour and design and customise the decoration using this colour or design.

    You can also go for decorations that depict the other person’s favourite pass-time activities. For example, if your sister loves gardening, you can gift them a decoration with a picture of their favourite gardening book. Alternatively, you can gift your aunt who loves cats with a cat-shaped decoration that is personalised with their cat name. When it comes to personalised Christmas decorations, you are allowed to play with your imagination and adding a personal touch makes it even more valuable.

    ·      A Show of Love

    Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are special’ better than a personalised gift. During this Christmas period, let your loved one know you are thinking about them by getting them a personalised Christmas decoration as a gift.

    Here are personalised Christmas decorations ideas you can use for the special people in your life:

    • Get your loving grandmother ‘the world best grandma’ decoration for their Christmas tree

    • Your caregiver will appreciate a personalised babysitter decoration

    • Get your friend who recently got a baby a ‘my first Christmas’ decoration

    • Even your big brother will be glad if you get them an ‘I love you big brother’ decoration for their Christmas tree

    Such personalised Christmas decorations will make your friends and loved ones feel special.

    Unique Personalised Christmas Decorations Ideas

    You may be wondering what personalised Christmas decorations to get for your Christmas tree. Don’t fret as we have just the right ideas to guide you in the right direction.

    Read on.

    ·       Personalised Photo Decorations

    Try something different for your Christmas tree this season by getting personalised photo decorations. These can be made from strong ceramic and decorated with photos of your loved ones on both sides.

    ·       Pet Personalised Decorations

    We often forget to include our pets as part of our Christmas decorations. Since they are also members of your family, why not include them in your decorations this year.

    You can get decorations that are cut and shaped like your pet animals and personalise them with your pets names.

    ·       Wooden Personalised Decorations

    Celebrate craftsmanship this Christmas by getting wooden decorations. They are not only durable but beautiful too.

    You’ll find simple wooden elements that will add a rustic country feel to your Christmas decorations. You can go for beautiful wooden calendars, stars, snowman decorations, among many others and personalise them with a special message or a family photo.

    ·       Personalised Christmas Bauble Decorations

    Bauble decorations are popular for Christmas, and we wouldn’t advise you to leave them out this year. However, you can go for unique ones such as Disney baubles, unicorn baubles, and light up baubles among others. Personalise these with your family photo or your friend’s name for that special touch.

    ·       Personalised Star Decorations

    Christmas star decorations have religious meanings as they depict the star that led the three wise men to baby Jesus. The star on your Christmas tree probably represents this original star. This Christmas, a personalised star decoration will make for a unique Christmas tree. Personalise it with a photo or even include your family members’ names.

    Our Eight Recommended Personalised Christmas Decorations

    If you haven’t decided yet on the best personalised Christmas decoration to buy this year, here are our best eight personalised decorations for you.

    These decorations are unique and can be customised with your family members name or photos. We hope you find one that will suit the purpose.

    1.     Me to You My 1st Christmas Heart Decoration

    Personalised Me to You My 1st Christmas Ceramic Heart Decoration

    If you have a newborn in the family who is celebrating their first Christmas this year, this ceramic heart decoration would be a perfect gift. This lovely decoration features a blue-nosed bear and an attached ribbon that you can use to hang it on your Christmas tree.

    The decoration is shaped like a heart showing just how much you are in love with your newest family member.

    You can also gift it to a friend who has a toddler who is celebrating their first Christmas this year.

    This decoration has a space of 15 characters where you can include the little one’s name and another 4-character space to include the date. This also makes for a great keepsake gift.

    2.     In Loving Memory Tree Photo Frame Decoration

    Personalised In Loving Memory Tree Photo Frame Decoration

    Christmas is a time to make merry and celebrate. However, if you are missing someone who passed on, celebrate their memory with this photo frame. Maybe it’s for your mother who always made sure all your family members gathered home for Christmas or for your favourite dog who always handed you the Christmas decoration as you decorated the Christmas tree. Make their memories count with this photo frame decoration.

    The decoration has three lines of text where you can include the person’s name. Line one and two can hold 15 characters while the last line can hold 12 characters.

    The words ‘in loving memory’ are fixed. The frame will also fit a photo of 7.5cm*7cm dimensions.

    The frame is made of wood which means it can be used for other Christmas to come. The frame also features a ribbon that you can use to hang it on the Christmas tree.

    3.     Christmas Angel Ornament

    Christmas Angel Ornament

    This angel decoration is fit as a Christmas decoration and can also be used for other occasions. It features an image of an angel holding a heart. It is made of durable natural resin material and it comes in grey colour.

    This charming gift can be personalised by adding a special message or a name to it. The ornament has two lines on the heart that can fit 12 characters each while the bottom of the ornament has a special Christmas message for your family or loved one.

    4.     Reindeer Tree Decoration

    Personalised Reindeer Tree Decoration

    Reindeer are animals well-adapted to live in cold climates and are the perfect animals used to depict the winter season or the season associated with Christmas.

    If you want to keep it real this Christmas, a reindeer decoration is the way to go. This decoration is made of steel and shaped like a reindeer. It also comes with a ribbon that you can use to hang it on your Christmas tree.

    The colour of the decoration may vary, but you get to personalise it as it has four lines space that can fit 20 characters per line where you can include your customised message.

    5.     Felt Stitch Penguin Ceramic Star Decoration

    Personalised Felt Stitch Penguin Ceramic Star Decoration

    Every Christmas tree needs a star decoration, and one is never enough.

    How about buying this lovely merry Christmas star decoration that features a fuzzy felt stitched penguin? We love that it includes some Christmas colours such as the beautiful blue stars on the side and the blue and black penguin that is stitched on the white background.

    Since it’s made of ceramic, you can keep it for more Christmas to come. The words ‘Merry Christmas’ is fixed, but there are 12 characters space at the bottom of the decoration where you can add your loved one’s name.

    6.     In Loving Memory Rustic Angel Decoration

    Personalised In Loving Memory Rustic Wooden Angel Decoration

    Hoping to add some rustic feel to your Christmas decorations? Consider getting this wooden angel decoration. It is also a wonderful decoration that you can display to let others know you are celebrating the life of a loved one.

    It’s made of durable wood, and it will stand out among your other Christmas decorations. It can also be used for other occasions other than Christmas such as during the celebration of a memorial service or just as a decoration that reminds everyone of a life well-lived.

    The words’ in memory of’ are fixed, but it has enough space at the bottom where you can add the name of your loved one and also the date of their demise.

    You can also include a lovely message that will act as a reminder of how special the departed soul was to you and the family.

    7.     Unicorn Snow Globe

    Unicorn Snow Globe

    Unicorn decorations will never go out of fashion, and everyone is in love with them this year.

    Don’t be left behind, get this unicorn snow globe that adds magic and dazzle to the room. This decoration not only taps into the unicorn trend, but it is also a great fit for the Christmas season.

    The white unicorn blends well with the Christmas snow and the glitters inside this globe. The small purple, blue and pink flowers at the bottom make this decoration even more beautiful.

    Personalise it with a special message for your loved one as it has two lines that can fit 20 characters each of the special message.

    8.     Christmas Elf Multicoloured Pompom Sack

    Personalised Christmas Elf Multicoloured Pom Pom Sack

    Are you wondering what to use to deliver Christmas presents to your loved ones this season?

    Worry no more.

    Try out our multicoloured pompom sack made specifically for Santa.

    The sack is made from a quality fleece material, and it comes with a drawstring ready for you to put in your gifts. The red and white colours on the sack are a great match to Santa’s clothes.

    You can personalise it with a name as it has enough space to fit 12 characters just before the fixed ‘special delivery from the North Pole’ text.

    In conclusion, make this Christmas special by including customised decorations for your home or lovely Christmas tree. If you think it’s too much hustle making a personalised Christmas decoration, we advise that you buy one from our personalised Christmas decorations collection and enjoy this Christmas in style.
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  6. Personalised Christmas BaublesThe putting up of Christmas decorations signal the start of the long-awaited festive season. As you prepare to decorate your Christmas tree with dazzling decorations, you are probably wondering if there is a way you can do it differently this year.

    We are here to tell you that something as simple as using personalised baubles can make all the difference this Christmas.

    In the past, Christmas baubles were meant for the wealthy. They were expensive as they were handcrafted and manufactured from glass. Later on plastic baubles were invented and this allowed for cheaper manufactured Christmas baubles that everyone could afford.

    Today, you don’t have to settle for the plastic baubles as these decorations come on all shapes, colours, sizes, and textures. They are also made from different materials, and you can personalise them with meaningful photos, messages, and names of your loved ones.

    But why go for personalised baubles this Christmas season? Because personalised baubles will make this season special in the following ways:

    ·      They Will Provide a Personal Connection

    Customised gifts improve the connection between families and friends. During Christmas, we gather as family and friends to bond and make merry and personalised decorations and gifts are the best items to strengthen this bond.

    Although personalised baubles are effective all year round, they are twice as effective during Christmas as everyone will enjoy the other’s company as we all hang such decorations on the Christmas tree and at our homes.

    ·      They Are Memorable Gifts

    Gifts always have value, but they are even better when you know they are given with love and for you specifically. Since we are emotional beings, our memories work in such a way that we keep memories of happier times longer compared to sad memories.

    A personalised bauble decoration received at Christmas will most likely have a positive mental association with your mind, and you are likely to cherish it for years to come.

    ·      It Is Unique

    Christmas bauble decorations are nice enough. But truth be told everyone will have them on their Christmas tree.

    Rather than going for the same old baubles why don’t you try to impress your loved one with a unique personalised Christmas bauble?

    Such a personalised item gives you a chance to be creative by adding something that speaks to your special someone. They are also unique such that there is no possibility of your friend getting a similar bauble for a gift.

    Personalised Christmas Baubles Ideas for you

    Christmas baubles may look similar to you in the market. You may also be wondering how to choose the perfect bauble that will please your loved one.

    To help you make the best decision when you go shopping, here are ideas that you can use to choose the best personalised Christmas bauble this season.

    ·       Personalised Clear Glass Baubles

    Clear glass baubles stand out on your Christmas tree. You can personalise these by adding glued photos of your family on the inside or including a special message inside the bauble. Remember to include glitters to make the bauble even lovelier.

    Most of these glass baubles will have a removable top making it easier for you to insert your loved one photo before putting the top back.

    ·       Tattooed Baubles

    Sometimes you need to think out of the box when it comes to your Christmas decorations. For instance, you can go for tattooed baubles that are made of temporary tattoos.

    Even better, the bauble can be personalised with your family members names or have a customised special message for your loved one.

    ·       Couple Bauble

    If you intend to gift the newest couple in town with a gift this Christmas, you can opt for couple baubles. This is also an ideal gift for a couple who are friends to you and your family.

    Rather than turning up at their home empty-handed this Christmas, gift them with couple baubles that can be personalised with the couple names.

    ·       My First Christmas Bauble

    This is the best gift you can gift the newest member of a family who is also celebrating their first Christmas this year. Although the recipient of the gift may not understand why you are giving them something due to their age, the family will appreciate that you went out of your way to get the little one something.

    This can also be a perfect keepsake gift as it will always remind the family of this Christmas when they celebrated with their newest addition.

    ·       In Loving Memory Baubles

    If your family recently lost someone that meant the world to you, celebrate their lives this Christmas by having a personalised in loving memory bauble. Such a bauble shows that you are thinking of your loved one, even amid merrymaking and shows that their memory isn’t forgotten. This bauble can also be used on another occasion to remind everyone how much the departed soul is missed. It can be personalised with the departed person’s name and date of demise.

    Our Eight Recommended Personalised Christmas Baubles

    We want to make it easier for you to shop for a personalised bauble this Christmas.

    If you have no idea where to start, here are our eight best recommended personalised Christmas baubles that you can purchase in your nearest store.

    1.     Me to You Couple Christmas Bauble

    Personalised Me To You Couples Bauble

    If you are wondering what to gift your favourite couple this Christmas, wonder no more.

    This me to you couple bubble is unique and sends the right message to your lovely friends. It features two teddy bears holding each other, depicting the love between the couple. It also has festive colours making it ideal as a Christmas decoration.

    It also comes with a ribbon, which the couple can use to hang the decoration. You’ll love that you can personalise this bauble by including the couple’s two names at the front and also you can write a special message at the back of the bauble.

    2.     Godfather Bauble

    Personalised Godfather Bauble

    Now here’s a perfect way of letting your godfather or your child’s godfather know that you cherish them. No godfather would frown after receiving this Christmas decoration gift.

    The words ‘I am glad you are my godfather’ are fixed. Nevertheless, you can personalise this decoration by including the name of your godfather at the top and your name as the giver of the gift at the bottom. The bauble also comes with a ribbon that will help the recipient hang it on the Christmas tree.

    3.     1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble


    Personalised 1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble

    Are you celebrating this Christmas in a new home? Have this bauble on your Christmas tree that reminds everybody how blessed you all are to be celebrating this Christmas in your new home.

    This bauble can also be a welcoming gift for a neighbour that just moved in their new home.

    While the words ‘1st Christmas in our new home’ are fixed, there is enough space to include your family’s name and the date you moved in.

    The back of this bauble has four lines that can fit 20 characters for every line, which makes the space big enough to include a special message for the recipient.

    4.     In Loving Memory Wreath Bauble

    Personalised In Loving Memory Wreath Bauble

    We don’t want you to forget a loved one who is no longer with you this festive season. This in loving memory wreath bauble is a great way to keep your loved one’s memories alive.

    Include it as one of your Christmas decorations this year, and remind each other how much you all cherished the departed soul. You can personalise this bauble with the name of the deceased, which will be written at the front of the bauble.

    5.     Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

    Personalised Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

    Glass Christmas ornaments have been hung on Christmas tree for years, and every year many people purchase such decorations proving that this tradition is not fading soon.

    We are in love with this beautiful glass bauble as glass always looks good on your Christmas tree. This one is even better as it comes with a glass Christmas tree inside. Further, you can personalise it with a special message for your family as it has enough space.

    Each of the three available lines on the bauble allows you to include a maximum of 20 characters making the number of characters that can fit in this decoration to be 60.

    If you are thinking of getting a glass Christmas decoration this year, this would be a perfect choice.

    6.     Cat Bauble

    Personalised Cat Bauble

    Don’t forget your favourite feline this Christmas. Acknowledge their presence by including this personalised cat bauble on your Christmas tree.

    The bauble features a beautiful picture of a cat at the front, and the word cat is included next to the picture. It also comes with an attached ribbon that you can use to hang the bauble on your Christmas tree or next to your wonderful pet’s favourite resting place.

    You can personalise this bauble with a loving message for your pet at the back of the bauble. The back has ample writing space of four lines, and each line can fit a maximum of 20 characters.

    7.     Silver Glitter Name Only Feather Glass Bauble

    This glass bauble will make a stunning addition to any Christmas tree. The glass bauble contains a beautiful white feather inside which makes for a lovely decoration.

    The recipient can also use this decoration for other merry occasions other than Christmas as it doesn’t have the Christmas images and colours common in other Christmas baubles.  Further, you only personalise it with the recipient’s name.

    Gift it to a friend or a family member, and they might even hang it on their bedroom’s wall and cherish it as a keepsake gift.

    8.     Polar Bear My 1st Christmas Bauble

    Personalised Polar Bear My 1st Chistmas Bauble

    Do you know a family member with a new addition in their family? Help them celebrate the little one’s first Christmas with this bauble.

    The bauble features a lovely polar bear that is a perfect image of the Christmas season. It also has little snowflakes, and two little bear paws included next to the polar bear.

    The words ‘my 1st Christmas’ are fixed, but there is enough space at the bottom for you to include the little one’s name.

    In conclusion, Christmas baubles have been part of the Christmas decorations from the late 1840s, and they aren’t going away any time soon. Today, these decorations have evolved becoming more popular. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stick to buying your usual boring baubles this Christmas. Choose to decorate your Christmas tree with personalised baubles this season. Personalised baubles are unique, and also make great keepsakes gifts. We hope by now this article has given you the insight you needed to decide on the personalised baubles to get for your home this Christmas.
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  7. Christmas 2019 - What's New[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    Countdown to Christmas

    Personalised Advent Calendars

    Begin the countdown in style with our new array of felt advent calendars!

    Our brand new grey sacks, stockings and advent calendars make a contemporary Christmas addition!

    Perfect for luxury gift giving, our new silver grey sacks are perfect for filling up and popping under the Christmas tree!

    Personalised Silver Stockings

    A stylish addition to any mantlepiece, our new stockings are just the right size for some Christmas morning prezzies!

    New Plush Silver Sacks & Stockings

    Our brand new silver sacks and stockings are a contemporary addition to our Christmas range.

    Red Sacks & Stockings!

    Keep it traditional with some new designs on our red sacks & stockings! Our existing ranges of red sacks and stockings are also back in stock and available to order now!

    Red Christmas Santa Stocking

    Perfect for any little one, celebrate their first Christmas with our cute little Christmas Mouse design!

    Absolutely Bonkers about Baubles!

    If you're anything like us, then you love a good bauble or decoration,
    so feast your eyes on our brand new products and designs!

    Deck The Halls!

    NEW Mr & Mrs Metal Bell Decoration
    Perfect for newlyweds celebrating their first Christmas as Mr & Mrs!

    First Christmas as a Family

    With Mama bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear, celebrate your first Christmas together
    with this gorgeous new range.

    Toadstool Santa

    This fun little design is the perfect gift for kids!

    1st Christmas Dinner

    Celebrate your little one's very first christmas dinner with our
    bib, plastic plate and plastic cutlery!

    Christmas Cuddles!

    Why not give a Christmas cuddle with one of our new bears or rabbit in a jumper

    Have a Holly - Jolly Christmas

    A timeless design, perfect for couples and families!


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  8. Best Personalised Christening GiftsChristening gifts have been given for many centuries. They are meant to welcome a child into the Christianity religion through the baptism or naming ceremony. The tradition probably originated with the presents given to baby Jesus as mentioned in the Christmas story.

    Whether you are a godparent or a family member looking to gift a new bundle of joy with a gift on this memorable day, you’ll want to gift them with a special gift that stands out.

    There is no better way to do this than to give them a personalised gift.

    Why you may ask

    Here’s why.

    1.     Personalised Christening Gifts Have Sentimental Value

    Personalised christening gifts are the ultimate winner when it comes to choosing something for keepsake. Most of them are made to create memories and sparkle the youngster’s nostalgia when they grow up.

    When you want to go the extra mile and touch the heart of your godson, goddaughter or their parents, gift them with something that holds their hearts. You know, something that will make them smile beyond the chastening day. Such a memorable keepsake gift is something they’ll hold dear for years.

    For instance, a personalised memory box is a great gift that can be used to keep the little one’s memories safe. You can make it even more special by adding the baby’s name, date of their christening, and a loving message.

    With such a gift, you not only honour the baby but their parents too.

    2.     Personalised Christening Gifts Are Practical

    Practical gifts are always appreciated. Further, our view of the christening ceremony has changed with time.

    A while back, it was common for people to gift infants with traditional gifts such as silver spoons. However, people are getting more practical nowadays. Many prefer personalised, practical, and age-appropriate gifts.

    Thus, personalised gifts are the best if you are looking for something thoughtful and one that will be useful to the child.

    The good thing is that personalising a gift can make even the most common practical present stand out.  For example, a common picture frame can be personalised to be something unique and practical by adding the little one's name.

    3.     Personalisation Makes the Christening Gift Unique

    If you are looking for a rare and unique gift idea for your godson’s christening ceremony, you should consider personalised gifts.

    Such gifts are hard to find in shops, and the possibility of someone else bringing the same gift to the ceremony is zero.

    For instance, a simple baby blanket can be personalised with the child’s name and a lovely special message to make it stand out.

    Suitable Christening Personalised Gifts

    There are many personalised gifts in the market, but not all of them are ideal for christening ceremonies.

    Below are some perfect christening personalised gift ideas to make your shopping easier.

    1.     Personalised Unisex Gifts

    If you are wondering what to get your godson or goddaughter for their christening ceremony, don’t fret.

    Here are gifts that are ideal for both genders.

    ·      Engraved Photo Frames

    A photo frame is perfect for a christening ceremony. This goes double if the frame is personalised with the child’s name or with a special message.

    If you get a personalised photo frame for the little one, you can be sure the parents will rather choose yours rather than other generic ones to display their child’s photo. Further, this is a keepsake gift that will remain treasured for years to come.

    ·      Personalised Blocks

    We did talk about personalised gifts being practical. Well, baby blocks are a perfect gift when you are looking for something that the baby can use. Baby blocks are also perfect for both boys and girls.

    They are also entertaining and also perfect as a keepsakes gift that will last for years. Personalise them by engraving the little one’s name or initials on the blocks.

    ·      A Personalised Memory Box

    This is a great gift to keep the baby’s treasured and beautiful memories. This is a gift that will bring a smile to the youngster’s face every time they want to reminiscence and look back to when they were younger.

    The memory box can be handmade or engraved with the child’s name and baptism date. You can also have the child’s photo on the sides or at the top of the box. Make sure the interior colour is ideal for the child gender. For instance, you can choose a pink interior for a girl and blue interior for a boy.

    ·      Personalised Baptism Cards

    You wouldn’t want to forget to carry a card during this special day. However, make it stand out from the other pool of cards by personalising it.

    In addition to the congratulatory message, add some words of wisdom, a lovely design, or the little one’s name on the cover.

    2.     Personalised Christening Religious Gifts

    Sometimes you want to get the little one something related to the Christian faith.

    Here are perfect gifts for such a scenario.

    ·      Personalised Children Religious Books

    If you are looking to foster the young one's faith at an early age, you can get them a collection of religious books fit for a child. Such books may have life lessons such as how to pray, who is God or even have bible stories.

    Personalise the book with the child’s name and baptism date.

    ·      A Personalised Bible

    A personalised bible is a wonderful christening gift that reminds the child of the reason for the occasion. With their own Bible, the child will get to learn the word of God at an early age.

    You can get a child rather than an adult Bible as the former is easier to read and understand for the child. Personalise it with the child’s name at the front cover of the Bible.

    ·      Personalised Religious Message Plates

    A lovely message plate with a religious message can be hanged on a wall, used as a mantle plate, or kept in the child’s room.

    This gift is a perfect gift to remember the christening day. You can personalise it with a beautiful photo of the little one, their name, or add a special message to make it unique.

    Our Top Recommended Christening Gifts

    Finding the perfect christening gift can be a tedious task considering that there are so many in the market. However, we went to the market and came up with this gift list that features our top recommended gifts.

    After going through our list, we hope you’ll find a gift that is perfect for your favourite little one on their christening day.

    1.     Nursery Rhythm Book

    Personalised Nursery Rhyme Book

    This timeless and lovely nursery rhythm book has 19 rhythms that will get the little one singing to each one of them. It features popular rhythms such as Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Bo Peep, and Humpty Dumpty, among others.

    Further, the book has delightful illustrations for each song. This is a gift that will also be a source of unending fun, even for the little ones who can only look at the brightly coloured images.

    Each of these rhythms can be personalised with the little one’s name. The first page also has enough space for you to include a personalised message for the child.

    2.     Christening Certificate Holder

    Personalised Christening Certificate Holder

    Every parent needs a special place to keep their child’s christening certificate. What better place to keep it than in this certificate holder.

    This silver certificate holder has a cute motif design and also comes in a lovely white gift box.

    It also has a stand that can be personalised with a special message.  The engraved “on your christening” words that are permanent on the holder makes this gift very personal.

    3.     Personalised Christening Cross Blanket

    Personalised Christening Cross Blanket

    You’ll never go wrong when you buy a baby blanket as a christening gift.  Baby blankets are practical, and every mom needs more than one.

    This white, soft fleece blanket will keep the baby warm and snug. It also features a cross image, which is great if you wanted to gift the little one with something with religious meaning. You can personalise it with the child’s name and the date of the christening on the space provided next to the cross.

    4.     Personalised Godparent’s Photo Frame

    Personalised Silver 5x7 Godparents Photo Frame

    Another thoughtful gift, especially coming from the child’s godparents.

    This personalised photo frame is made of aluminium, making it very durable. It comes with the word godparents engraved at the top of the frame, which makes it special and unique.

    You can personalise it with a two lines message at the bottom, which can include the child’s name and a lovely message to your godson or goddaughter.

    5.     Bible Trinket Box

    Personalised Bible Trinket Box

    We love this trinket box, its unique and practical at the same time. We all know that the little boy or girl will grow up someday, and this box ensures all their beautiful memories are not lost.

    Its unique bible design makes it stand out. The box’s inside is lined with a blue flock, and you can personalise it at the front with a special message of up to four lines with twenty characters each.

    6.     Personalised Baby Booties

    These gorgeous booties are perfect for a lovely girl. They come in two-choice colours-silver and gold. Since they are made from PU leather, they will last.

    We love that the boots give you 80 characters to write your special message to that lovely girl. The booties come in a wonderful white gift box and are hand-tied with a beautiful, soft, satin ribbon that makes them perfect for your little angel.

    7.     Footprints ABC money box

    Personalised Footprints ABC Money Box

    Silver money boxes have been given out as christening gifts for many years. If you want something out of the box, then this little treasure will serve you best.

    This cube money box is silver plated and will help the young one learn how to turn their pennies into pounds early enough. The box has two letters from the alphabet on each side and an appropriate image next to these letters.

    You can personalise it with up to four lines of a lovely special message

    There you have it. Now you are well informed on why you should go for a personalised christening gift rather than a generic gift. You also do not have an excuse for not getting the perfect personalised christening gift for that lovely boy or girl. It’s time to get shopping!
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  9. Back to School With Personalised Gifts[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]We make getting a back to school gift easy. If you are at a loss on the best gift to get your child who is going back to school, get them a personalised gift! 

    Think of something unique, encourages learning, and improves the bond between you and your child. 

    In this guide, we will help you decide on the best back to school gift for your child.  

    Our personalised gifts are best for children who are in pre-school to those in primary school, aged between 3 and 12 years. 

    Read on and get to choose a back to school gift that will bring a smile on the face of your little one. 

    Why Are Personalised Gifts the Best for Back to School?

    There are many benefits to choosing a personalised back to school gift rather than a generic gift for your child. Here are four of them. 

    They Are Just For Them

    Today, most people choose to buy personalised gifts for their loved ones. One of the reasons for this is that personalised gifts allow you to give something unique and special to your loved one.  

    personalised gift that is made specifically for your son or daughter will most certainly be appreciated by them.  

    For instance, if your child loves dinosaurs, a water bottle personalised with their name and their favorite dinosaur cartoon will stand out in a class full water bottles. Further, it will be just for them, which makes them feel special and loved. 

    Shows Them That You Have Put Some Effort

    Whether the gift is for your 3-year-old who’s just starting school or for your 12-year- old who’s impossible to please, a personalised back to school gift shows your little one that you have gone out of your way to gift them with something special.  

    Further, they will know that you care for them enough to put some thought and effort into what you gift them.  

    In the eyes of your child, the time you took to personalize their gift enhances its value beyond its cost. 

    Shows Them That They Mean Everything to You

    Children like to be shown love, they want to know that they are special. This feeling is very healthy and necessary, especially if they have just started school. Even those who are already in school want to know that you’ll always be there to listen and love them 

    personalised gift can create a special connection between you and your child. You can get them a symbolic personalised gift such as a pocket watch with a picture of you and them to let them know you are watching over them 

    It’s A Memorable Keepsake Treasure

    Personalised gifts are often regarded as keepsakes by everyone. Your child, in particular, will treasure their gift even when they are done with their schooling.  

    Such a gift will be an elegant reminder to your child that you went out of your way to get them something special during their school days 

    Whether it is a functional gift like a customized backpack or a framed picture of their first day at school, your child will treasure the gift.  

    Personalised Gifts Ideal for Going Back To School

    It is essential to think about the type of gift that is best for your school-going child. For instance, getting your four-year-old daughter, a wooden name puzzle to help them learn their name is much better than getting them a personalised apron. 

    You also have to consider the age of your child. You’ll want to buy them something that they can relate to. For example, your twelve-year-old son may not be interested in a personalised drawing book, unlike your three-year-old daughter.   

    Putting these factors into consideration, here are personalised gifts that are ideal for back to school for children aged between 3 and 12 years. 

    • Personalised Backpacks / School Bag

    backpack is a gift that is both special and functional. It is excellent for your child who is starting school or your child who needs a new school bag.  

    You can customize the bag with your little girl or boy name. Furtheryou can make sure it is custom-made with your child’s favorite color or even a picture of something they love like a unicorn, tractor, or mickey mouse. 

    Always buy a backpack made from durable material and one that has other safety features such as padded adjustable straps, zip pockets, and a carry handle or a hanging hook. 

    • Personalised Pencils and Case 

    Get your stationery lover a statement gift of personalised pens, pencils, or crayons. Such a gift makes for handy writing instruments that are also unique.  

    You can also get them a pen or pencil case personalised with their name. You’ll find great cases that can be carried around by your little one making it easy to keep all their school essentials in one place.  

    Such a case and personalised pencils make it easy for your child to distinguish their essentials from others in their class. 

    • Personalised Lunch Bag and Water Bottle 

    Personalised lunch bags and water bottles make great back to school gifts. You can also get a personalised lunch box for your child to keep their lunch. 

    You can add your child’s name or a unique message to any of these gifts to set the gift apart. You can also personalize the gift with your child’s photo or with an image of something your child loves.  

    For instance, you can personalise your little one’s water bottle with a shirt of their favorite football club if they are football fans or personalise your daughter’s lunch box with unicorn or a rainbow 

    • Personalised Notebooks and Journals 

    Making notes is part of every student’s life, and your child is going to need a notebook. Make it fun for them to make notes by getting them a personalised notebook. Personalise it with your child’s name or with a special message.  

    You can also get your thoughtful child a personalised journal to jot down their thoughts and inspirations. Personalise it with their name or with their favorite quote. 

    • Personalised Photo Frame 

    What better way to display your son’s or daughter’s favorite school memory than on a photo. You can frame their first day at school photos or their graduation ceremonies photos on personalised frames. 

    You’ll find them such frames in different colors and materials, and you can engrave them with your child’s name, the occasion, and the date the photo was taken 

    You can even get a personalised hang-it photo display where you can slip all your child memorable school photos. This is also a lovely keepsake gift that your child will keep past their school days. 

    Our Top Recommended Personalised Gifts for Back to School 

    If you haven’t decided on what to get your child for their back to school gift, we have just the right gifts for you.  

    We are sure after looking at our products you won’t miss something lovely to get your son or daughter. 

    Personalised Rainbow Pink Backpack

    A beautiful backpack for a beautiful girl, this is the perfect gift for a girl who loves color. It is also functional as every school going child needs a backpack 

    The backpack is made from durable hardwearing material that is meant to last. It has adjustable padded straps to ensure comfort for your little one. It also includes a front zip pocket where your child can keep all their little valuable items. Further, the backpack has a hanging hook and it’s large enough to fit an A4 folder.  

    You can be sure that this stylish backpack that has a lovely picture of a rainbow at the front will please your little one. Personalise it with her name for that special touch.  

    A swim and kit bag is a necessity for school swimming and PE lessons. We suggest you get her our lovely cute bunny kit bag You lovely girl can keep all her PE and swimming kits in here and they will be safe. It’s unique with a lovely image of a cute bunny and a rainbow at the front.  

    The bag features drawstrings as its shoulder straps that are also used to close the bag. The outer part is made of canvas cotton while the inner lining is made of PEVA which makes this bag water proof 

    This is a must have for every girl who loves to work and play This pink bag has enough space for 12 characters which you can use to personalize it with your little ones name. 

    Cute Cat Drinks Bottle

    Do you have a cat lover in your home? Then you have just the perfect gift for him or her. This personalised cat drinks bottle does stand out and it comes with a cute picture of a cat head.  

    Made of aluminum and plastic material, it will last a lifetime. It can hold enough water or soft drink for your little one to quench their thirst as it has a capacity of 400mlPersonalize it with your child’s name, and see their face light up. 

    Wondering what to get your lovely son as a back to school gift? Consider our impressive blue-colored tractor lunch bag. It has a cute picture of a tractor, and if your little one loves cars or tractors, he will fall in love with this gift 

    The bag has two straps that make it easy to carry around and it’s big enough to carry a lunch box and a water bottle. Its blue color stands out and it has an insulated interior lining that will keep your boy’s lunch safe.  

    The white interior is easy to wipe in case there is food spillage and the exterior will remain dry due to the insulated lining. You can personalize it with your child’s name and let them know you are thinking about them every time they take a bite of their delicious meal. 

    Our beautiful Me to You pencil case will impress your daughter. The case features the lovely tatty teddy bear with her grey fur and unique blue nose 

    The pencil case is big enough to keep all her stationery and its durable material ensures it does not tear easily.   

    It has a beautiful pink color and a hook which can be used for carrying or hanging on a hook in the classroom.  

    You can personalise it with up to 12 characters of your child’s name for a lovely look 

    Get this digger black backpack for your boy who loves trucks. Featuring a digger yellow truck, the backpack is bound to stand out.  

    The backpack is big enough to fit your child’s back-to-school essentials. It is also made from sturdy synthetic material that will ensure it will last beyond the school year.  

    It also has padded straps, a front zip pocket, and a hanging hook making it very functional. Personalise it with your boys name and let them know the gift is meant just for them. 

    What better way to remember your little ones first day at school than to have a portrait photo of them in their school uniform. Put this in this ‘my first day at school frame that can hold a 5x7 portrait photograph. 

     Made from durable walnut catalpa wood, this frame is bound to last a lifetime. Personalise it with your child’s name, or the name of their school, and their first day at school date to make the experience even more memorable 

    The frame has around two free lines of 30 characters each where you can write your special message. 

    Personalised Oak Finish 4x6 My First Day At School Photo Frame

    personalised photo frame that is perfect for his or her first day at school photo. It is big enough to fit a 4*6 photo. Its beautiful finish is made from Oak Veneer.  

    The words my first day at school are fixed but it has 2 lines 30 characters each space for you to write a special message for your child. You can also include their name and the date the photo was taken. 

    There you have it, our guide to getting your child the best back-to-school gift. Get any of our seven personalised gifts for your child and remind them of your love even when they are at school. 

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  10. Personalised Gifts for Pet Owners[vc_row type="vc_default" css=".vc_custom_1565736907897{margin-top: 80px !important;}"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Actions speak louder than words, and nothing says ‘I am thinking of you’ better than a gift.

    For most people, the size or the price tag on the gift doesn’t matter. What counts is the thought behind the gift.

    This is why you shouldn’t give a gift to your loved ones just because you have to, put some thought and love into the present and let them know they hold a special place in your heart.

    And what better way to do this than to get a personalised gift for your special someone. personalised gifts are unique, and they can be customised for everyone, even pet lovers.

    If you have been considering gifting your friend who is a pet owner, don’t go for a generic gift. Consider gifting them with personalised gifts that are ideal for them and their pets.

    To make your shopping easier, we have come up with our recommended personalised gifts for pet owners.

    Read on to get a lowdown on everything to do with how to get a personalised gift for your friend who can’t do without their pet.

    Why Personalised Gifts Are the Best for Pet Owners

    If you have a friend who is a pet owner, they probably like their four-legged friend more than they like you! 😂

    Not to worry though, getting them a pet-related gift with a personal touch to it can result in a memorable experience.

    Here are some of the benefits of getting personalised gifts for pet owners.

    1.     It Will Make a Wonderful Memento

    You don’t want your friend to forget about your gift the moment you walk out of the door.

    A personalised gift is something unique, and every time your friend looks at it, they’ll remember you and their pet.

    2.     A Variety of Gifts to Choose From

    When you go for a personalised gift, it is easy to get one that is just right for your favourite pet.

    Further, you don’t have to worry if you’ll look weird with a generic gift. A personalised gift speaks volume and is ideal for any occasion.

    3.     Budget-Friendly

    Sometimes you don’t have money to spend on a gift. However, with a personalised gift, you can come up with something affordable and nice at the same time.

    For instance, a simple coffee mug can be engraved with your friend’s dog name and become a memorable gift.

    4.     No Two Gifts Will Be the Same

    With a personalised gift, there is no chance that your loved one will receive the same gift you give them from others.

    Your gift will be unique and treasured for a lifetime.

    5.     You Can Customise It for Their Pet

    Does your friend love cats or dogs, truth be told, it’s hard to find a generic gift that can express the right feeling relating to their lovely pets.

    However, with a personalised gift, you can tell them precisely what you need to say without saying a thousand words.

    Ideal Gifts for Different Pet Owners

    There are numerous personalised gifts that may seem perfect for pet owners. However, each pet owner may have a preference when it comes to a gift.

    If you are in doubt on what to get your friend, consider our personalised gifts that are ideal for any pet owner.

    ·       Personalised Pet Bed

    What better gift to give your friend than a personalised pet bed for their favourite pet.

    Such a bed lets the owner know that you are concerned about the welfare of their pet. The owner will also rest easy knowing their pets are cozy and comfortable.

    ·       Customised Pet Containers

    Customised pet containers are in variety. You can get your friend a treats storage container or a food bowl that is engraved with the pets name or one with a lovely, special message about their pet.

    ·       Customise Pet Blanket or Mat

    Getting a blanket or mat with your friend’s pet name or picture printed on it is the perfect way to enhance the love between the pet and their owner.

    You can even go for a handmade blanket that is one of a kind. Such blankets and mats are available in different sizes and colour.

    ·       Customised Mugs

    If you are looking for a practical gift for your pet lover, consider getting a customised pet mug.

    Such mugs can be customised with a picture of the pet or the pet’s name. Such a gift will remind the owner of their cherished pet every time they take a sip off their favourite mug.

    ·       Pet Signs

    Get a wooden sign personalised with the name of your pet. It can also be personalised with a task or instructions for the pet, such as where they are supposed to relieve themselves.

    Ensure the sign is made from a durable material such as wood that will not smear or fade.

    ·       Customised Pet Tags

    Every pet needs a tag for easy identification.

    You can make a statement by buying your friend a personalised pet tag. You can add a photo of the pet, their name, or a simple, unique pattern such as a paw.

    A customised pet tag is not only a cute gift but a functional one too.

    Our Best Recommended Personalised Gifts for Pet Owners

    If you are out shopping for the perfect gift for a pet owner, consider our eight gift ideas for your pet lover friend.

    Each of these personalised gifts has a special touch that will make your friend and their pet happy.

    1.     Personalised Dog Needs Walking Wooden Sign

    Personalised Dog Needs Walking Wooden Sign

    This Personalised wood sign can be personalised with the dog’s name. On one side, it has the words ‘needs walking’ and on the other ‘has been walked’ on the other side. You can add your pet name on both sides for that special touch.

    If the dog is yet to be walked, display it showing the words ‘needs walking.’ However, if the task is already done, let everyone know by displaying the words on the other side of the sign.

    Made from pine wood, this is not only a beautiful gift for your loved one but also one that will last a lifetime.

    It also has enough writing space to accommodate up to 12 characters of your pet’s name.

    2.     Oak Finish 4*6 Paw Prints Photo Frame

    Personalised Oak Finish 4x6 Paw Prints Photo Frame

    This personalised paw prints photo frame is a lovely gift for all pet lovers. What even better is that it comes with enough space for you to include your personalised message.

    Its two lines space provided below the photo can hold up to 20 characters for every line. The frame is made up of an oak veneer finish that makes it beautiful to look at.

    You can hang this frame on your wall or keep it near your bedside table and let it always remind you of your favourite pet.

    3.     Luxury Dog Blanket/Mat

    Personalised Luxury Dog Blanket/Mat

    Every dog lover knows a blanket is something they can’t do without.

    A dog blanket keeps your pet feeling cozy as they sleep, and during the cold winter days. Some dog owners also use the dog blanket to protect their furniture from dog scratches and fur. The blanket also comes in handy as a warmer alternative to a cold floor.

    This luxury, warm blanket is suitable for all the above reasons and more. It is patterned with an attractive paw print and made from soft, warm fleece.

    What makes this blanket even better is that it has 12-character space where you can Personalise it with your friend’s dog name or include a lovely message for their pet.

    4.     Reserved For 16cm Large White Pet Bowl

    Personalised Reserved For 16cm Large White Pet Bowl

    This pet bowl is ideal for a pet lover with a large dog, as its height and width is around 18cm. Made of ceramic the container is sturdy and durable.  Since it is painted in white, it will fit right in with your wall décor and look stunning in your home.

    It’s big enough for dinner you can also use it for water. Its weight makes it harder to slip, making it ideal for dogs who love to play with their food.

    Even better, the bowl allows you to personalise it with your pets name and include an additional message below the name.

    Get this bowl and make your pet look forward to something lovely during dinner time.

    5.     Pink Cat Bowl

    Personalised Pink Cat Bowl

    This cat bowl is super cute, primarily due to the stunning fish-bone design and the ‘meooww’ word engraved inside.

    It’s big enough for a cat with a big appetite, as its height is almost 17 cm. It is also suitable for both food and water, and since it’s made of ceramic, it’s chew-proof.

    Due to its weight, it will be hard for your cat to tip it during dinner.  Painted white and purple, this stylish bowl will blend well with your home décor.

    It also cleans easily, as you can simply clean it by hand. What makes it unique is that you can personalise it with your pet’s name and even add a few characters after the name.

    6.     Scribble Dog Placemat

    Personalised Scribble Dog Placemat

    Is your dog a sloppy eater, we have just the right gift for her. This scribble dog placemat is made from an absorbent material that is quick-drying. This mat also doubles up as a non-slip mat, which is quite crucial for your clumsy friend.

    You will also appreciate that it’s easy to clean as you can wash it in the sink after dinner. Personalise it with your dog’s name at the top and add a special message after the name for that special touch.


    7.     Personalised Photo Cushion

    This Personalised photo cushion will add a splash of elegance and colour to your loved one room. It also makes a memorable gift for your friend and their pet.

    Add a photo of your loved one’s pet and the name of the pet on the gift. The cushion is available in four sizes, and in four finish options including canvas, linen, faux sued single-sided, and faux sued double -sided.

    Buy this cushion and let your friend and her pet snuggle up to their photos.

    8.     Personalised Wooden Dog Brush

    Personalised Wooden Dog Brush

    A perfect unique gift for that loving pooch, this personalised wooden double-sided dog brush is the only brush you’ll need for your pet’s daily grooming.

    The brush is made up of thick black bristles on one side while the other side has durable metal bristles to comb your dog’s hair. The handle is made of durable wood and comes with a thin handle for comfort.

    This brush is versatile and easy to use suitable for both small and large-sized dogs.  Personalise it with the pet’s name next to the name ‘brush,’ which comes as a standard part of the handle.

    In conclusion, getting your friend a gift that speaks volume about their favourite four-legged friend doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our eight recommended personalised gifts are fit for any pet lover. Get your loved one of these unique gifts and let them know their special friend holds a special place in your heart.

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  11. The Perfect Personalised Gift for HerDo you want to gift her something memorable during her special occasion? Get her a personalised gift. If you don’t have one in mind, we’ve got you covered.  However, before we get right into it, you may be wondering if it is necessary to get her a personalised gift? And our answer is yes.

    For starters, a personalised gift shows that you care enough to go out of your way to get her something special. It is also personal. No wonder such gifts are becoming more popular today. You can’t go wrong with a personalised gift.

    If you are still in doubt, here are additional reasons why you should get that special lady a bespoke gift.

    1.     It Stands Out From the Crowd

    If you want to avoid gifting your friend with a cliché gift, go for a personalised gift. It sure stands out from the crowd.

    Since it is personalised for that loved one, it is uniquely theirs. Personalising a gift also helps you avoid a situation where your gift is similar to everyone else.

    In addition, if the gift is imprinted with the person’s name or a picture, it will grab their attention. It will hold a special place in their heart.

    1.     Makes a More Personal Connection

    When everybody is getting your best friend a congratulatory card during their wedding day, why don’t you go for a personalised gift that speaks volumes about your relationship?

    If you give your friend something that is personalised, it will act as a symbol of your connection.  It shows that you went out of your way to get something unique and that the relationship you have with them is exceptional.

    This strengthens your relationship as your friend will know you invested your time to come up with something special for them.

    2.     Works for Every Occasion

    Be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or the celebration of newborn, personalised gifts can be gifted on any special occasion.

    You don’t have to worry about your personalised wall decoration gift appearing odd during your niece 21st birthday. With such a personalised gift, the birthday girl will be aware that you put some thought into the choice of gift.

    3.     Your Friends Prefer Personalised Gifts

    Gone are the days when we went to shopping malls for hours on end to look for the perfect gift. Today, more people delight in something that shows that some extra thought and effort has been put into it.

    In today’s world, it is the thought that counts. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. A personalised mug or apron will be a delight to your mum during her wedding anniversary compared to another set of expensive china plates.

    4.     Suitable For Everyone

    Maybe you have a friend who is a bit choosey, and you may be at a loss on what to get her.

    Well, a personalised gift will most likely brighten her face.

    With a little bit of creativity, you can make something personal for even the most difficult-to-please friends.

    Personalised gifts can be made for men, women, and even children. They are also suitable for people of all ages.  The good thing is that since it shows that you put some thought into it, it will likely be well received.

    5.     You Can Customise It

    Personalised gifts are easy to customise. Maybe your six-year daughter Lily loves green, or young Grace hopes to join a ballet class soon. You can customise gifts you get to include the little one’s interests.

    This makes the gift truly special.

    6.     It Won’t Be Forgotten Soon

    Once the birthday party has ended, your niece will most likely sort through the pile of gifts people brought her.

    She is likely to forget the people who gifted her cliché gifts quickly. Even worse such gifts may go missing, while others will be stuffed into the gift box full of common gifts.

    However, a personalised gift does stand out from the rest. Your niece will want to know who brought this gift. Since it will be unique and special, she will likely keep it in a special place. She is also going to treasure it, which means it won’t be forgotten.

    Isn’t it amazing that a little bit of thought can make a gift so memorable?

    7.     Brings Back Wonderful Memories

    A great reason to gift a friend a personalised gift is that it will help make a trip down memory lane. The person will associate the gift with the special occasion they are celebrating.

    You can bet 5-10 years from the day you gifted them, they will still recognize the gift and remember the good times they had on that day.

    Even in your case, if you want to reminisce some good memories, go through your personalised gifts, and you’ll remember all the good times you had in the past.

    8.     It Is Exclusive For the Owner

    A personalised gift is made for that particular person. For instance, a cushion with the picture of the person is unlikely to be used by everyone else in the house. However, just another cushion will be something that everyone can use.

    The person who you gift the personalised gift will have something they can call theirs. Some people will even have an attachment to such gifts.

    9.     The Gifts Show Love to Your Special Person

    Personalised gifts are the best when you want to tell your significant other you love them. Even when you are a distance apart, your loved one will just need to look at the gift and feel loved. It shows that you went the extra mile to get them something that speaks of how you feel.

    So next time your sweetheart has a birthday, get them a lovely personalised gift and let’s see if they won’t treasure it.

    10. Shows You Did Your Homework

    We live in a busy world. Gifting someone with a personalised gift shows that you did your research to gift them something that says something about them.

    For instance, gifting your neighbour’s daughter with a refill of their favourite beauty products shows that you enquired on their favourite brands. So does getting the right spelling of the name Ashleigh on your daughter’s friend custom pen set.

    Such gifts show that you didn’t get the gift in the last-minute rush.

    11. Gives the Gift a Personal Touch

    A personalised wall decoration with five reasons why you love your best friend or a plaque engraved with your daughter’s achievements during their graduation can be used to transform a dull room or office.

    The recipient can frame such a gift and hang on their bedroom wall, adding uniqueness to the room. Personalising such a gift adds a personal touch to a gift that would have looked plain and boring.

    Examples of Personalised Gifts to Give to Different Women

    We understand it can be challenging to decide on the best-personalised gifts for your friend. After all, every woman is unique.

    Nonetheless, we don’t want shopping for a gift for your lady friend to become a daunting task.

    To help you with this, here is a motherload of personalised gift ideas for different types of women.

    1.     Women Who Love To Travel

    Is your girl is always thinking of the next travel destination?

    You better get her something that she can carry around or something that can keep her busy as she waits at the airport.

    Here are a few personalised gift ideas that may please her.

    • Personalised compass necklace with her initials on it

    • Personalised toiletry pouch with her name on it

    • Personalised travel journal customise it with her name and bind it with her favourite colour

    • Personalised passport cover

    • A Kindle e-reader to make the long airport waits bearable

    • Instant camera in her favourite colour

    • Personalised adventure photo album

    • A travel t-shirt with a customised travel quote

    2.     Personalised Gifts Ideas for Family Mums

    Maybe you have a friend who loves to spend time with her family. She may be that lady who loves to spend time cooking dinner for her family, running around with the kids, or just sitting down to come up with the family budget.

    If you want to get her something special, here are a few personalised gift ideas for her.

    • A personalised mug with a strong boss lady message

    • A supermum- t-shirt

    • Ring of love necklace

    • A customised wine chiller

    • Customised mum necklace

    • A self-care box with her favourite beauty products

    3.     A Lady Who Loves Art

    There are tons of gifts that are bound to inspire your creative lady friend. Luckily, we have made your search easier with our gift ideas that are just right for that girl who loves to dream, think, and live art. Consider them below.

    • A customised brush vase for your friend who loves to paint

    • The city-for-canvas art book for the specific city your friend lives in

    • Art inspired bird scarf

    • An art designed backpack

    • Custom-made portrait

    4.     For Girls Who Love Fashion

    Everyone has that one lady friend who is stylish and a fashionista. Shopping for this kind of friend can be hard. You may be wondering if you should get her a designer fragrance or a velvety outwear.

    However, you need not worry anymore, as we have personalised gift ideas for your fashion-savvy friend that go beyond designer clothes.

    • Personalised luggage stickers

    • A customised cushion

    • An embroidered hair tie

    • Gold plated initial necklace

    • Custom engraved lipstick and fragrance

    • A modern initial bracelet

    • Personalised birthstone stacking ring

    • A customised lux leather cardholder

    • A customised jewellery tray

    • A personalised leather laptop handbag

    • A custom silky sleep mask

    5.     For Ladies Who Love Gadgets

    Instead of buying your favourite tech girl a pair of pink headphones, why don’t you get her a personalised tech gift that she will love?

    Here are our favourite personalised gift ideas for your gadget-obsessed girlfriend.

    • A customised pop socket phone grip

    • Smart jewellery

    • LED beam lights in her favourite colours

    • A customised smart-watch

    • A personalised phone case

    • A wireless charger in her favourite colour

    • Touchscreen-friendly gloves with her name on them

    Ten Perfect Personalised Gifts for Her

    By now, you must have an idea of what personalised gift to give your girlfriend, sister, wife, daughter, or mother.

    However, before you rush to shop, consider our top ten recommended personalised gifts for her.

    Ladybird Book Mindfulness Lifestyle

    1.     The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness

    This satirical book is bound to help your favourite lady deal with the world around her. With a careful choice of words, original ladybird artwork, and constant repetition, this little book does its best to explain what mindfulness is.

    It has a wry but gentle sense of humour that your friend will enjoy. You can personalise it by including her name in the text.

    This is the perfect personalised gift that will back all the nostalgia if she grew up reading ladybird books.

    Personalised Fork & Trowel Set

    2.     Personalised Fork and Trowel Set

    So you have a gardening friend, and you have no idea what to get her. Well, we have just the right gift for your lady with green fingers.

    The personalised fork and trowel set has ends made of quality and sturdy carbon steel. The ash timber handles engrave beautifully, and there are leather wrist strips included in the package.

    What’s not to love about this gift?

    Luxury Personalised Message in a Bottle

    3.     Luxury Message in a Bottle

    We have just the right gift that will make it easy for you to tell your loved one how you feel. The personalised luxury message in a bottle is not only perfect for penning down a love letter, but it is also unique considering you can choose the font your message will be written.

    Your 1000 words message will be printed on the cream parchment paper, and a red ribbon used to tie it. The message will be sealed in a beautiful glass bottle, and some shells and sand added inside it to give it the washed-up effect.

    The gift is presented in a luxurious, black gift box.

    Whether you are looking for a birthday or a valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with this one.

    Personalised Cocktail / Gin Glass

    4.     Personalised another Cocktail Balloon Glass

    So one drink is never enough for your girl, get her this thoughtful another cocktail balloon glass. The best thing is that she can forget about her thirst with balloon glass as it can fit a whole bottle of wine.

    Personalise it with her name and present it to her in the folding gift box.

    Personalised Cupcake Tea for One

    5.     Personalised Cupcake Tea for One

    Looking for a gift for a tea drinker, how about this beautiful bone china tea for one set? With beautiful decorations of tiny sweet cupcakes on the side, this set inspirers any tea lover to prepare a hot cup of tea.

    Personalise it with your friend’s name at the front or on the back of the mug, and wait to see her eyes light up when you present the set to her.

    Personalised I Am Glad... Slim Mug

    6.     Personalised I Am Glad Slim Mug

    Wondering how to tell someone you are glad they are in your life. If you can’t say it in words, get them the ‘I am glad….’slim mug.

    You get to personalise the mug by including the title of your special person such as sister, mother, or daughter which will be printed in block capitals at the front of the mug.

    Don’t forget that at the back of the mug there is a lovely poem for your special someone.

    Personalised Botanical Colouring Book

    7.     Personalised Botanical Colouring Book

    This is an excellent gift for your friend who is in love with all things floral.  The images are simple, cute, and fun to colour.

    With a wide variety of botanical pattern designs, a variety of beautiful flowers, and floral designs you can bet she won’t get bored. If she is addicted to adult colouring books, then you have the perfect gift.

    Personalise it with her name at the front which will also appear on each page of the book. You can also add a personalised message which will be visible on the inside of the book pages.

    Personalised Baked With Love Baking Bowl

    8.     Personalised Baked With Love Baking Bowl

    What a lovely bowl for a lady who loves to bake and cook. A perfect gift for mother’s day, Christmas day, or during her birthday, let your favourite lady stir some love with this baking bowl.

    Made from a durable ceramic material, this is a gift that will last. The message ‘baked with love’ is fixed, but you can write a personalised name or message following it.

    This fabulous bowl is sure to hold a special place in the heart of your loved one.

    Personalised Rose Gold Mesh Strapped Watch With Black Dial

    9.     Personalised Rose Gold Mesh Strapped Watch with Black Dial

    This luxury Elie Beaumont women’s watch does make a statement.  With a black dial face and a strap made of rose golden stainless steel, this is a gift that is perfect for any special occasion.

    Personalise it with an engraved special message at the back that will be permanent not to be forgotten. This is a gift that even your mother will cherish.

    200ML Personalised GOLD BOTTEGA & FLUTE SET

    10. 200ml Gold Bottega and Flute Set

    Let your special lady know how much they are cherished every time they enjoy a glass of wine by gifting them with this rose gold prosecco gift set. The set compromises of a personalised flute glass and a 200ml bottle of Bottega prosecco.

    You can engrave the flute with your loved one’s name. Present the gift in its lovely crimson gift box and make those special moments memorable for your special one.

    In conclusion, nothing stands out during a special occasion like a personalised gift. If you want to make her day memorable, gift her with one or two of the recommended personalised gifts above.
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  12. A Gift To Be Remembered Personalised Back to School Stationary

    Benefits of Personalised Stationary

    One of the best gifts you can give to a child that is just learning to write is child personalised stationary. Children love to be told that they're special and personalised stationary is a concrete way to express that sentiment. Seeing their own name printed on child personalised stationary will fill a child with delight and wonder at the magic that you used to make it happen. Custom printed stationary will stand out as a thoughtful gift, and will also encourage your child to practice writing, enabling them to make rapid progress. Reading and writing are fundamental skills, and anything that stimulates a child to practice writing is a helpful tool for their success in education. Older children can also benefit from child personalised stationary by inciting them to learn the art of correspondence. In today's society of internet slang and abbreviated online conversation, standard letter writing is a skill that is often overlooked.

    Childrens Personalised Stationary Designs

    Child personalised stationary is available in many designs, colours and formats. From pictured note cards, to parchment style paper and standard lined notebook stationary, custom designs can be found to fit any child's interests or preferences. Many child personalised stationary products are available in designs featuring dinosaurs, dolls, trucks, toys, and other favourite icons of childhood. Whether the child you're buying the stationary is crazy about horses or wants to be an astronaut, there is a child personalised stationary gift design available that will further customize your gift. Many sets come with envelops in a coordinating design, and some also include stickers to enhance your child's correspondence and add to their enjoyment.

    A great way to implement your child's use of child personalised stationary is to have them write thank you notes following a birthday or holiday party. Teaching your child the thoughtfulness of personalised thank you notes will help them to develop good etiquette. Another great way to encourage the use of child personalised stationary (particularly with older children) is to get them into a pen pal program. Having a pen pal from across the country, or across the globe, can be a learning experience as well as providing a chance for your child to find a new friend. Most children are proud to use their personalised stationary as a means of expressing themselves.

    Other Personalised Gifts for Children

    Beyond child personalised stationary, there are many customisable gift options for children. From t-shirts, to door signs, placemats and personalised jigsaw puzzles and block sets, there are many gifts available to show your child how special they are to you. With so many interchangeable toys on the market today, giving a customized gift is a way to really connect with your child. The next time a birthday or holiday rolls around, consider personalised gifts for you child. There's nothing that can compare to the smile on a child's face when they receive a much loved gift.
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  13. Personalised Baby Gifts Recommendations[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So someone you know had a little baby recently, and now you need to find them baby gifts. If you don't know what kind of gifts you should get for a new baby and the parents, we have lots of ideas! Our ideas will help you get great gifts for the baby and the proud new parents.

    Here are our recommendations for baby gifts:

    Personalized baby blankets. This is something that the baby needs, and will use for a long time. Sometimes kids use their baby blankets even after they stop being babies. Now you can personalise baby blankets with baby names, and you can find them in lots of different colours, made from many different fabrics.

    Baby picture frames & albums. Who takes the most number of pictures? That's right, the new parents do that, they take lots of pictures. And it's not just when they bring the baby home from the hospital they continue taking pictures of the baby's firsts first smile, first time the baby crawls, first step, etc. And they need lots of picture frames for those pictures.

    Give the parents a personalised baby picture frame, something they can use right now to proudly display the latest baby pictures.

    Baby jewellery for Mums. Mothers love jewelry, and baby jewelry always has special meaning. Since baby jewelry can be personalised with Mother's and Baby's names, this is a keepsake the Mother will surely treasure forever. There are many bracelets that can be personalized with the baby's name.

    Personalised baby clothes. How about some cute baby clothes for the little one? Give them baby clothing – they need lots of clothing anyway, and personalised clothing always has a special meaning.

    Congratulations on the new bundle of joy in your family, or among your friends. We hope that these gift recommendations will help you pick the perfect personalized baby gift for the little one.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][product_category per_page="24" orderby="rand" order="" category="occasions-new-baby-gifts"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  14. Selecting The Perfect Personalised Baby Gifts And Unique Baby Keepsakes[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    A new baby born, congratulations and celebrations but what to give as that special memorable gift, which will be treasured for years to come?

    A gift that is different, unusual and unique.

    Personalised gifts are popular, showing thoughtful gift selection and sentimental value. A whole range of personalised gifts are now available, for all occasions. How about choosing a gift which really is that little bit special, and unique. A personalised baby certificates holder. Why not consider a  personalised baby album, recording your baby name, birth date, weight and length.

    Another great baby gift is silverware, my first tooth boxes and money boxes make ideal keepsakes, being both practical and useable.

    Why not choose from a selection of unusual designed, from teddy tooth boxes to carousel, pram and horse money boxes.

    Remember to take your time over selecting a baby gift, there are many gift ideas, so take time and thought selecting the perfect gift as it will undoubtedly be treasured for many years to come, by parents and child alike.

    Personalised baby gifts are great for baby gifts

    So why not even add something special to a more traditional gift:

    A large teddy bear can easily be personalised specifically by you to include the birth name and date.

    Silverware could be engraved with name and birth details.

    It's so much fun shopping for a new baby so shop around and enjoy the experience, whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, godparent, or friend. There are so many fabulous gifts and keepsakes, so you're guaranteed to find the perfect gift.

    [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][product_category per_page="24" orderby="" order="" category="occasions-new-baby-gifts"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  15. Unique Baby Gifts for Baby Showers and New Born[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How unique is unique, well to be honest I am not sure but to give a gift with a difference then surely this is enough to say your donation is just that!

    Unique baby gifts make the giving more pleasurable and less chance of duplication. The receiving of a gift given with heartfelt emotion at a baby shower or baby welcoming party will make the occasion more unique than you could ever imagine from the eyes of the expectant mother.

    Future parents who wait in anticipation for birth of their baby occupy their mind in other ways by joining in the fun at the baby shower party. Eat drink and be merry is just one of the top priorities to be fulfilled at joyous events like these but first and foremost is the opening of all the unique baby shower gifts.

    By personalising a gift you have guaranteed a way of ensuring uniqueness. Items like baby blankets, bibs, cuddly toys and baby burp cloths can be embroidered with baby's name or initials.
    Jewellery trinkets make fine donations if presented in presentation boxes personalised with engraved inscriptions thus making this gift unique. Jewellery can be put in a safe place till a later date if baby is not born at the time of the celebration.

    Favoured among many guests invited along to a baby shower party is give a gift basket. Baskets for the baby can be specially personalised with the baby's name.

    What will make your gift donation different from any other is the sheer fact that it was given by you[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][product_category per_page="24" orderby="rand" order="" category="occasions-new-baby-gifts"][vc_empty_space][vc_btn title="View All New Born Gifts" color="green" size="lg" align="center" link="url:http%3A%2F%2Fforyou.ie%2Fproduct-category%2Fbaby-kids%2Fbaby-kids-new-born-gifts%2F|||"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  16. New Communion & Confirmation Gifts In Stock[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion or Confirmation with high-quality personalised gifts, jewellery & keepsakes at great prices.

    We are proud to stock Ireland's largest range of Communion and Confirmation gifts. Top quality communion & confirmation gifts at great prices. All orders qualify for Free Delivery - that free delivery on all communion gifts, keepsake books, communion photo albums/frames and much more.

    View our range of Confirmation gifts including Confirmation Photo Albums, Plaques, Frames and Keepsake Boxes below:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][product_category per_page="151" orderby="rand" order="" category="occasions-communion-gifts"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  17. Tatty Teddy Gifts - Have a Wonderful Christmas from Me to You[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No first Christmas would be complete without a Tiny Tatty Teddy personalised gift! Our new selection of ‘My 1st Christmas’ designs are available on both our stunning ceramic bauble and wooden heart decoration, making them ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree or around the home as stylish and unique personalised decorations. Our Tiny Tatty Teddy My 1st Christmas collection is one of our most popular Christmas ranges, year on year and we are delighted to welcome these new designs, with plenty of time for Christmas 2017!

    Click here to view our Me To You Range![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFxj4PvH8FA"][vc_empty_space][product_attribute per_page="72" orderby="" order="" attribute="brand" filter="by-brand-me-to-you"][vc_empty_space][vc_btn title="View all Me To You products" style="classic" color="green" size="lg" align="center" i_icon_fontawesome="fa fa-shopping-basket" add_icon="true" link="url:http%3A%2F%2Fforyou.ie%2Fbrand%2Fby-brand-me-to-you%2F|||"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  18. Top Christmas Gifts For Kids[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Christmas is round the corner! What fun! Christmas has always been associated with the wonderful tradition of giving and receiving gifts from friends and family. For kids, especially, this season translates into only one word – gifts! Every year, new products are showcased for our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews, the list is endless! And more often than not, after we make the purchase, we wonder if we did end up buying the right gift. Well, there is no real way to know unless you see the look on their face, now, is there?

    Buying the right gift

    This Christmas, like every year, here you are again, wondering what to get your little angels and devils! They could have been naughty or nice; and you could be working with a budget or an idea. If you are lucky, you might not have to think too much. Your child would have written long gift lists for Santa, pleading for their heart'€™s desire and asked you to post them to him, much before Christmas, to avoid the postal rush. Well peak into it! This is where you will find ideas guaranteed to bring a twinkle in their eye. For those who are not so lucky and have to spend time working out what to get, we have some great gifting ideas to help you through this decision making process and choose the perfect gift for your child.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][vc_empty_space][ultimate_heading main_heading="Gifts for Boys" margin_design_tab_text=""][/ultimate_heading][vc_empty_space][product_category per_page="24" orderby="rand" order="" category="baby-kids-gifts-for-boys"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][vc_empty_space][ultimate_heading main_heading="Gifts for Girls" margin_design_tab_text=""][/ultimate_heading][vc_empty_space][product_category per_page="24" orderby="rand" order="" category="baby-kids-gifts-for-girls"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  19. Friends Deserve The Best Personalised Gifts This Christmas[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Christmas is in the air. You can feel it in the chilly and festive air, the heartwarming carols you can hear everywhere, and the blinding Christmas lights strung on trees and houses wherever you look. The time for eating, drinking, and being merry is here. Of course, who better to eat, drink, and be merry with but your closest friends? Indeed, above all else, Christmas is the time for family, and, of course, friendship.

    When You Only Want the Best

    You’ve probably noticed that of the multitude of presents you receive each Christmas, the best always come from friends. It’s no wonder because they know you best; therefore, they know what you want, or at least, what you need.

    Of course, you want to do the same thing for your friends. You want to give them the best Christmas presents you can find, or at least, afford. After all, why should you settle for less when you can give the best?

    Still, shopping for Christmas presents is never easy, especially when you only have the best in mind. It takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention money, to find the perfect Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest friends. And if you’re a busy, busy person, it’s unfortunately a luxury you don’t have. Consider giving your friends personalized gifts.

    Get Up Close and Personal

    As far as intimate Christmas presents go, personalised Christmas gifts are your best bet. These days, you can get absolutely anything personalised. Personalisation can be done through print, engraving, emboss, embroidery, and more.

    You no longer have to search for the perfect coffee mug that suits your best friend’s personality. You can have one made especially for her. Bath towels are no longer just bath towels. They can bear your friend’s name, or maybe a quotation or two. An engraved pen is something your writer friend will appreciate.

    The list of personalised gifts can go on and on. It’s just a matter of using your imagination. With personalised gifts, you can get a memorable picture or a private joke immortalized on any seemingly innocuous item, making it so much more intimate and a great deal more important.

    Personalise Anywhere, Everywhere

    These days, more and more people are embracing the concept of personalisation, for the busy career person, you can also get personalised gifts online with ForYou.ie. This way, you don’t have to feel guilty about not giving as much care and attention to your friends’ Christmas presents. With just a few taps on your keyboard and even fewer mouse clicks, you can choose an item to personalise, pick a design or specify your own, pay extra to have it gift wrapped, and voila! You have personalised gifts ready to be eagerly unwrapped come Christmas day.

    Indeed, what friend wouldn’t like personalised gifts? You probably wish you’ll get one too. And guess what? You probably will.
    Your Friends Deserve The Best Personalized Gifts This Christmas[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][best_selling_products per_page="24"][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  20. The Fayre - Winners at the 2017 Tipperary Business Awards 

    Tipperary businesses from across the county have been honoured at a special awards ceremony.

    Nenagh's The Fayre and Mullinahone's celebrated concert and hospitality venue Crocanoir have won best retail, hospitality and tourism awards at the 2017 Tipperary Business Awards. The Fayre's Susan Madden described the award as a "fantastic achievement" adding there would be plenty of celebrations to follow among its staff.

    The family run business has become an institution in the town for its wide range of greeting cards and giftware and prides itself on providing unrivalled customer service that is tied in with expert knowledge passed on to each and every customer.

    11 companies including Cashel Blue cheesemakers, Crocanoir, The Fayre, Tipperary Racecourse, APB and Tadgh O’Flynn Jewellers were winners at the inaugral County Tipperary Business Awards at the Clonmel Park Hotel last night. Thirteen awards in all were given out overnight at a gala, black-tie event in the Clonmel Park Hotel, recognising successful Tipperary based businesses in areas such as SME, Sports, Art & Culture, Food & Agriculture, Training & Development, Start-Up, CSR, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism, Large Company, Social Media, Family Business, and Services.

    Pride of place, however, went to an adopted son of the county, stud owner and Cork native John Magnier as he received the County Tipperary Chamber President’s Award.

    Magnier, who owns both Coolmore Stud and Ballydoyle Racing Stables in Tipperary, as well as employing 1,000 people there is a major benefactor to the local community and commended the county on its pro-business environment as he received last night’s award.

    “This is a humbling experience for us and I mean ‘us’ as I accept this award on behalf of everybody in Coolmore and Ballydoyle. It means so much to us when we get this at home from all of you,” he said.

    “This area benefits greatly from foreign investment but that foreign investment doesn’t have to stay here. In our case we have offices around the world but we encourage people to come here and we want our headquarters here. This is home for us.

    “Tipp has always supported us in Coolmore and Ballydoyle by being business friendly.”

    Also speaking at last night’s event, County Tipperary Chamber President TJ Kinsella, Director of Production at Boston Scientific – employers of 1,000 people at their Clonmel plant - said that business in the county deserves to be recognised.

    “Lots of folks know Tipperary is a great place to live. We’ve a great tradition of culture, sport. It’s a great rural atmosphere. But what people maybe don’t realise so much is we have some great business, from the multi-nationals to the small and medium enterprises; those start-ups, those family businesses that are just fantastic in Tipperary and we are here to congratulate and celebrate every one of those here tonight.

    “My background is with multi-nationals. I am working with Boston Scientific. I have access to a multi-national. We are making great medical devices and yet I live in the countryside ten minutes from my desk.

    “For a multi-national doing business in Tipperary, it’s fantastic and has got much better over the years. There’s a history of multi-nationals in Tipperary and what’s grown up is an ecosystem around that of small companies, of suppliers, of skilled employees, who go and bring those skills back to the companies to support them as they grow. So it’s a fantastic place to do business.”

    Said John McLaughlin, General Manager, ABP Cahir, winners of the Best Business of the Year award: “It’s really special to win this award. It emphasises the hard work we have put in for a lot of years in this industry. This is an acknowledgement that we’re doing things right and it’s nice to be acknowledged by the other companies in Tipperary.”


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  21. Adding A Drinks Recipes Make Personalised Mugs & Glasses More Special[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    During the Christmas, there is nothing better than sitting down in a warm home to watch the lovely tree glisten while holding a nice warm mug or cool glass of your favorite drink. Mugs and glasses are a part of the holidays, whether we realise it or not. This Christmas season, you can give interesting gifts to your family and friends using personalised mugs and personalised glasses. If you are looking for a small and unique gift to give someone this year, consider these fun and original ideas.

    To begin, you will need to pick a mug or glass for each individual you are giving to. You can choose mugs or glasses to suit their personality. If one person loves dogs, consider getting a dog mug, while if someone else loves sports, you can get a mug with their favourite team on the front.

    Adding a Drinks Recipe

    After gathering all of the mugs, gather your favorite warm drink recipes. If you don’t have any, then you will have to do a little research to find some that sound yummy. You can even test to make sure they are delicious by making them yourself before using them.

    After locating all of the recipes you want to use type or write them on special paper and make one for each of the mugs or glasses. You should keep the paper pretty small, as it will be tied onto the mug or glass. Using the recipes, gather everything the recipient will need for the treat. Use small sandwich bags and fill them with the exact amounts of each ingredient needed for the treat. Use them for dry ingredients like cinnamon, sugar, and spices only. If the recipe calls for liquid, like coffee, consider putting grounds or an individual packet into the mug.

    Tie each bag with a lovely little ribbon and place it into the mug or glass. After you have everything you need for the drink in the mug or glass, add a few sticks of cinnamon for accent. Then poke a small hole into the top of the recipe paper and loop a ribbon through it. Tie the ribbon onto the mug’s handle.

    Although they will not be following the directions exactly, since you have included measured out portions, they will still have the recipe so they can make more if they desire. Make sure you include instructions about how to mix what you have already included in the gift as well, so they will know what to do. Finally, wrap the gift with tissue paper or cellophane wrap to complete the present.

    These are fun gifts to give and receive. Those who get these will think the uniqueness is wonderful and will be excited about making their delicious treat. If you are giving one to someone in a family however, make sure you make one for each person in the family so they can enjoy them together. Using mugs and glasses for gifts is a great way to create something personal and interesting without spending a lot of money. These mugs and glasses are perfect for teachers, friends, and neighbours.

    [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][product_attribute per_page="24" orderby="" order="" attribute="product-type" filter="gift-by-type-glassware"][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][product_attribute per_page="24" orderby="" order="" attribute="product-type" filter="gift-by-type-mugs-teapots-ceramics"][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  22. Personalised Baby Gifts Unique Gift For A Newborn BabyWhen it comes to picking up personalised baby gifts, parents and friends of parents can can choose from many gift ideas including initialised vests, knitted blankets, customisable teddy bears, and the like.

    If you want to stray from the beaten path of personalised baby gifts, consider ordering a personalised framed print and create an hilarious or moving tribute. Customise your headlines, add thoughtful notes, poetry, song lyrics, bits of advice, or silly goo-goo talk in the headline areas. Let your imagination take you where it will. Unlike other personalised baby gifts – such as toys, clothes, or baby books – your magazine cover will offer a distinct snapshot of the child’s earliest weeks on the planet. And, no doubt, when the child grows up, he or she will look back at the gift with intensely curious eyes.

    Welcome your baby with brilliance – imagination filled, sentimental, memorable and warm print that will last forever. Make it a gift for his or her birthday every year thereafter.

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  23. Unique Personalised Glass And Crystal Gifts[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the brand new year starts, there will definitely be a lot of occasions and events that you will have to think of; birthdays, weddings, graduations, christening or anniversary. There are a lot and perhaps you have already given all the possible presents you can find from the mall. The question is what something new and fresh should you give in these coming occasions.

    Your relatives and friends seem to have everything. You gave your wife a bunch of flowers last year and a box of perfume the other year. What could you give her this year? You gave your husband a tie on his birthday and a briefcase on your anniversary. What could you give him after he got promoted? You gave your sister an expensive bag on her birthday and a pair of shoes last Christmas. What can you give her on her graduation? You are certain that many people will give your friend kitchen utensils and home starter on her wedding. What difference can you make? This makes thinking of the presents more difficult. You definitely do not want to give something that seems not to be thought about. Each individual has his preference. Sometimes, it could be hard to guess this and in your mind, you always have the desire to satisfy your loved ones with what you gave them.

    If you are having a hard time thinking of a perfect present for your loved ones and friends, grab for a piece of personalised crystal. The charm crystal has never fades. People from all walks of life love crystal. Whatever shape or form the crystal is cut, the facets bring a uniqueness of their own. The light and the brightness the crystal reflects captivate people'€™s eyes making them admire this piece.

    Crystals come in different shapes and forms. You may find one that is cut in a human replica, angel, animals, certain figures but whatever form it takes, the innate beauty of crystals reflects through its prisms in different perspectives.

    Hearing the word crystal makes one think of the price. Most people think that crystals are very expensive and for ordinary people, it seems so luxurious to give one as a present but there are many kinds of crystals that one can choose from. Not all are as expensive as you think. The most common and affordable now is the synthetic Swarovski crystal. Your imagination will really soar just by looking at the different colors this crystal reflects.

    Captivate your loved ones and friends with the beauty crystals bring. Show them how much you care for them and how much you love them by giving them something unique and different from the usual presents they receive.

    You may also think of giving your loved ones and friends with presents made of glass. You may think of giving your sweetheart a lovely glass frame where he or she can put your photos together. It may not be as expensive as crystal but it's as fabulous and beautiful.

    Crystals and glasses are such a perfect for everyone. It's not only for your mother or father who means so much to you, or your wife or husband who you exchanged vows with. It'۪s also a great present for your sister, brother, boss, colleague and friends. Just check the figures and try to match it with the personality of the person who is going to receive it. If you yourself is attracted to the beauty of these gifts, how much more the person trying to guess what̢۪s inside a beautifully wrapped box. Wait until they see what's inside!

    Remember that a present is not only a statement of the person you are giving it to, it's also a powerful statement of who you are as a person giving it. The statements are in these kinds of presents. It will speak for you so if you'€™re thinking of what a great present could be, give crystal or a unique glass. These presents are worth much more than they cost.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][product_attribute per_page="36" orderby="rand" order="" attribute="product-type" filter="gift-by-type-glassware"][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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