The Perfect Personalised Gift for Her

Personalised Cocktail / Gin Glass

Do you want to gift her something memorable during her special occasion? Get her a personalised gift. If you don’t have one in mind, we’ve got you covered.  However, before we get right into it, you may be wondering if it is necessary to get her a personalised gift? And our answer is yes.

For starters, a personalised gift shows that you care enough to go out of your way to get her something special. It is also personal. No wonder such gifts are becoming more popular today. You can’t go wrong with a personalised gift.

If you are still in doubt, here are additional reasons why you should get that special lady a bespoke gift.

1.     It Stands Out From the Crowd

If you want to avoid gifting your friend with a cliché gift, go for a personalised gift. It sure stands out from the crowd.

Since it is personalised for that loved one, it is uniquely theirs. Personalising a gift also helps you avoid a situation where your gift is similar to everyone else.

In addition, if the gift is imprinted with the person’s name or a picture, it will grab their attention. It will hold a special place in their heart.

1.     Makes a More Personal Connection

When everybody is getting your best friend a congratulatory card during their wedding day, why don’t you go for a personalised gift that speaks volumes about your relationship?

If you give your friend something that is personalised, it will act as a symbol of your connection.  It shows that you went out of your way to get something unique and that the relationship you have with them is exceptional.

This strengthens your relationship as your friend will know you invested your time to come up with something special for them.

2.     Works for Every Occasion

Be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or the celebration of newborn, personalised gifts can be gifted on any special occasion.

You don’t have to worry about your personalised wall decoration gift appearing odd during your niece 21st birthday. With such a personalised gift, the birthday girl will be aware that you put some thought into the choice of gift.

3.     Your Friends Prefer Personalised Gifts

Gone are the days when we went to shopping malls for hours on end to look for the perfect gift. Today, more people delight in something that shows that some extra thought and effort has been put into it.

In today’s world, it is the thought that counts. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. A personalised mug or apron will be a delight to your mum during her wedding anniversary compared to another set of expensive china plates.

4.     Suitable For Everyone

Maybe you have a friend who is a bit choosey, and you may be at a loss on what to get her.

Well, a personalised gift will most likely brighten her face.

With a little bit of creativity, you can make something personal for even the most difficult-to-please friends.

Personalised gifts can be made for men, women, and even children. They are also suitable for people of all ages.  The good thing is that since it shows that you put some thought into it, it will likely be well received.

5.     You Can Customise It

Personalised gifts are easy to customise. Maybe your six-year daughter Lily loves green, or young Grace hopes to join a ballet class soon. You can customise gifts you get to include the little one’s interests.

This makes the gift truly special.

6.     It Won’t Be Forgotten Soon

Once the birthday party has ended, your niece will most likely sort through the pile of gifts people brought her.

She is likely to forget the people who gifted her cliché gifts quickly. Even worse such gifts may go missing, while others will be stuffed into the gift box full of common gifts.

However, a personalised gift does stand out from the rest. Your niece will want to know who brought this gift. Since it will be unique and special, she will likely keep it in a special place. She is also going to treasure it, which means it won’t be forgotten.

Isn’t it amazing that a little bit of thought can make a gift so memorable?

7.     Brings Back Wonderful Memories

A great reason to gift a friend a personalised gift is that it will help make a trip down memory lane. The person will associate the gift with the special occasion they are celebrating.

You can bet 5-10 years from the day you gifted them, they will still recognize the gift and remember the good times they had on that day.

Even in your case, if you want to reminisce some good memories, go through your personalised gifts, and you’ll remember all the good times you had in the past.

8.     It Is Exclusive For the Owner

A personalised gift is made for that particular person. For instance, a cushion with the picture of the person is unlikely to be used by everyone else in the house. However, just another cushion will be something that everyone can use.

The person who you gift the personalised gift will have something they can call theirs. Some people will even have an attachment to such gifts.

9.     The Gifts Show Love to Your Special Person

Personalised gifts are the best when you want to tell your significant other you love them. Even when you are a distance apart, your loved one will just need to look at the gift and feel loved. It shows that you went the extra mile to get them something that speaks of how you feel.

So next time your sweetheart has a birthday, get them a lovely personalised gift and let’s see if they won’t treasure it.

10. Shows You Did Your Homework

We live in a busy world. Gifting someone with a personalised gift shows that you did your research to gift them something that says something about them.

For instance, gifting your neighbour’s daughter with a refill of their favourite beauty products shows that you enquired on their favourite brands. So does getting the right spelling of the name Ashleigh on your daughter’s friend custom pen set.

Such gifts show that you didn’t get the gift in the last-minute rush.

11. Gives the Gift a Personal Touch

A personalised wall decoration with five reasons why you love your best friend or a plaque engraved with your daughter’s achievements during their graduation can be used to transform a dull room or office.

The recipient can frame such a gift and hang on their bedroom wall, adding uniqueness to the room. Personalising such a gift adds a personal touch to a gift that would have looked plain and boring.

Examples of Personalised Gifts to Give to Different Women

We understand it can be challenging to decide on the best-personalised gifts for your friend. After all, every woman is unique.

Nonetheless, we don’t want shopping for a gift for your lady friend to become a daunting task.

To help you with this, here is a motherload of personalised gift ideas for different types of women.

1.     Women Who Love To Travel

Is your girl is always thinking of the next travel destination?

You better get her something that she can carry around or something that can keep her busy as she waits at the airport.

Here are a few personalised gift ideas that may please her.

  • Personalised compass necklace with her initials on it
  • Personalised toiletry pouch with her name on it
  • Personalised travel journal customise it with her name and bind it with her favourite colour
  • Personalised passport cover
  • A Kindle e-reader to make the long airport waits bearable
  • Instant camera in her favourite colour
  • Personalised adventure photo album
  • A travel t-shirt with a customised travel quote

2.     Personalised Gifts Ideas for Family Mums

Maybe you have a friend who loves to spend time with her family. She may be that lady who loves to spend time cooking dinner for her family, running around with the kids, or just sitting down to come up with the family budget.

If you want to get her something special, here are a few personalised gift ideas for her.

  • A personalised mug with a strong boss lady message
  • A supermum- t-shirt
  • Ring of love necklace
  • A customised wine chiller
  • Customised mum necklace
  • A self-care box with her favourite beauty products

3.     A Lady Who Loves Art

There are tons of gifts that are bound to inspire your creative lady friend. Luckily, we have made your search easier with our gift ideas that are just right for that girl who loves to dream, think, and live art. Consider them below.

  • A customised brush vase for your friend who loves to paint
  • The city-for-canvas art book for the specific city your friend lives in
  • Art inspired bird scarf
  • An art designed backpack
  • Custom-made portrait

4.     For Girls Who Love Fashion

Everyone has that one lady friend who is stylish and a fashionista. Shopping for this kind of friend can be hard. You may be wondering if you should get her a designer fragrance or a velvety outwear.

However, you need not worry anymore, as we have personalised gift ideas for your fashion-savvy friend that go beyond designer clothes.

  • Personalised luggage stickers
  • A customised cushion
  • An embroidered hair tie
  • Gold plated initial necklace
  • Custom engraved lipstick and fragrance
  • A modern initial bracelet
  • Personalised birthstone stacking ring
  • A customised lux leather cardholder
  • A customised jewellery tray
  • A personalised leather laptop handbag
  • A custom silky sleep mask

5.     For Ladies Who Love Gadgets

Instead of buying your favourite tech girl a pair of pink headphones, why don’t you get her a personalised tech gift that she will love?

Here are our favourite personalised gift ideas for your gadget-obsessed girlfriend.

  • A customised pop socket phone grip
  • Smart jewellery
  • LED beam lights in her favourite colours
  • A customised smart-watch
  • A personalised phone case
  • A wireless charger in her favourite colour
  • Touchscreen-friendly gloves with her name on them

Ten Perfect Personalised Gifts for Her

By now, you must have an idea of what personalised gift to give your girlfriend, sister, wife, daughter, or mother.

However, before you rush to shop, consider our top ten recommended personalised gifts for her.

Ladybird Book Mindfulness Lifestyle

1.     The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness

This satirical book is bound to help your favourite lady deal with the world around her. With a careful choice of words, original ladybird artwork, and constant repetition, this little book does its best to explain what mindfulness is.

It has a wry but gentle sense of humour that your friend will enjoy. You can personalise it by including her name in the text.

This is the perfect personalised gift that will back all the nostalgia if she grew up reading ladybird books.

Personalised Fork & Trowel Set

2.     Personalised Fork and Trowel Set

So you have a gardening friend, and you have no idea what to get her. Well, we have just the right gift for your lady with green fingers.

The personalised fork and trowel set has ends made of quality and sturdy carbon steel. The ash timber handles engrave beautifully, and there are leather wrist strips included in the package.

What’s not to love about this gift?

Luxury Personalised Message in a Bottle

3.     Luxury Message in a Bottle

We have just the right gift that will make it easy for you to tell your loved one how you feel. The personalised luxury message in a bottle is not only perfect for penning down a love letter, but it is also unique considering you can choose the font your message will be written.

Your 1000 words message will be printed on the cream parchment paper, and a red ribbon used to tie it. The message will be sealed in a beautiful glass bottle, and some shells and sand added inside it to give it the washed-up effect.

The gift is presented in a luxurious, black gift box.

Whether you are looking for a birthday or a valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Personalised Cocktail / Gin Glass

4.     Personalised another Cocktail Balloon Glass

So one drink is never enough for your girl, get her this thoughtful another cocktail balloon glass. The best thing is that she can forget about her thirst with balloon glass as it can fit a whole bottle of wine.

Personalise it with her name and present it to her in the folding gift box.

Personalised Cupcake Tea for One

5.     Personalised Cupcake Tea for One

Looking for a gift for a tea drinker, how about this beautiful bone china tea for one set? With beautiful decorations of tiny sweet cupcakes on the side, this set inspirers any tea lover to prepare a hot cup of tea.

Personalise it with your friend’s name at the front or on the back of the mug, and wait to see her eyes light up when you present the set to her.

Personalised I Am Glad... Slim Mug

6.     Personalised I Am Glad Slim Mug

Wondering how to tell someone you are glad they are in your life. If you can’t say it in words, get them the ‘I am glad….’slim mug.

You get to personalise the mug by including the title of your special person such as sister, mother, or daughter which will be printed in block capitals at the front of the mug.

Don’t forget that at the back of the mug there is a lovely poem for your special someone.

Personalised Botanical Colouring Book

7.     Personalised Botanical Colouring Book

This is an excellent gift for your friend who is in love with all things floral.  The images are simple, cute, and fun to colour.

With a wide variety of botanical pattern designs, a variety of beautiful flowers, and floral designs you can bet she won’t get bored. If she is addicted to adult colouring books, then you have the perfect gift.

Personalise it with her name at the front which will also appear on each page of the book. You can also add a personalised message which will be visible on the inside of the book pages.

Personalised Baked With Love Baking Bowl

8.     Personalised Baked With Love Baking Bowl

What a lovely bowl for a lady who loves to bake and cook. A perfect gift for mother’s day, Christmas day, or during her birthday, let your favourite lady stir some love with this baking bowl.

Made from a durable ceramic material, this is a gift that will last. The message ‘baked with love’ is fixed, but you can write a personalised name or message following it.

This fabulous bowl is sure to hold a special place in the heart of your loved one.

Personalised Rose Gold Mesh Strapped Watch With Black Dial

9.     Personalised Rose Gold Mesh Strapped Watch with Black Dial

This luxury Elie Beaumont women’s watch does make a statement.  With a black dial face and a strap made of rose golden stainless steel, this is a gift that is perfect for any special occasion.

Personalise it with an engraved special message at the back that will be permanent not to be forgotten. This is a gift that even your mother will cherish.


10. 200ml Gold Bottega and Flute Set

Let your special lady know how much they are cherished every time they enjoy a glass of wine by gifting them with this rose gold prosecco gift set. The set compromises of a personalised flute glass and a 200ml bottle of Bottega prosecco.

You can engrave the flute with your loved one’s name. Present the gift in its lovely crimson gift box and make those special moments memorable for your special one.

In conclusion, nothing stands out during a special occasion like a personalised gift. If you want to make her day memorable, gift her with one or two of the recommended personalised gifts above.

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