Back to School With Personalised Gifts

Personalised My First Day at School 5x7 Wooden Photo Frame

We make getting a back to school gift easy. If you are at a loss on the best gift to get your child who is going back to school, get them a personalised gift! 

Think of something unique, encourages learning, and improves the bond between you and your child. 

In this guide, we will help you decide on the best back to school gift for your child.  

Our personalised gifts are best for children who are in pre-school to those in primary school, aged between 3 and 12 years. 

Read on and get to choose a back to school gift that will bring a smile on the face of your little one. 

Why Are Personalised Gifts the Best for Back to School?

There are many benefits to choosing a personalised back to school gift rather than a generic gift for your child. Here are four of them. 

They Are Just For Them

Today, most people choose to buy personalised gifts for their loved ones. One of the reasons for this is that personalised gifts allow you to give something unique and special to your loved one.  

personalised gift that is made specifically for your son or daughter will most certainly be appreciated by them.  

For instance, if your child loves dinosaurs, a water bottle personalised with their name and their favorite dinosaur cartoon will stand out in a class full water bottles. Further, it will be just for them, which makes them feel special and loved. 

Shows Them That You Have Put Some Effort

Whether the gift is for your 3-year-old who’s just starting school or for your 12-year- old who’s impossible to please, a personalised back to school gift shows your little one that you have gone out of your way to gift them with something special.  

Further, they will know that you care for them enough to put some thought and effort into what you gift them.  

In the eyes of your child, the time you took to personalize their gift enhances its value beyond its cost. 

Shows Them That They Mean Everything to You

Children like to be shown love, they want to know that they are special. This feeling is very healthy and necessary, especially if they have just started school. Even those who are already in school want to know that you’ll always be there to listen and love them 

personalised gift can create a special connection between you and your child. You can get them a symbolic personalised gift such as a pocket watch with a picture of you and them to let them know you are watching over them 

It’s A Memorable Keepsake Treasure

Personalised gifts are often regarded as keepsakes by everyone. Your child, in particular, will treasure their gift even when they are done with their schooling.  

Such a gift will be an elegant reminder to your child that you went out of your way to get them something special during their school days 

Whether it is a functional gift like a customized backpack or a framed picture of their first day at school, your child will treasure the gift.  

Personalised Gifts Ideal for Going Back To School

It is essential to think about the type of gift that is best for your school-going child. For instance, getting your four-year-old daughter, a wooden name puzzle to help them learn their name is much better than getting them a personalised apron. 

You also have to consider the age of your child. You’ll want to buy them something that they can relate to. For example, your twelve-year-old son may not be interested in a personalised drawing book, unlike your three-year-old daughter.   

Putting these factors into consideration, here are personalised gifts that are ideal for back to school for children aged between 3 and 12 years. 

  • Personalised Backpacks / School Bag

backpack is a gift that is both special and functional. It is excellent for your child who is starting school or your child who needs a new school bag.  

You can customize the bag with your little girl or boy name. Furtheryou can make sure it is custom-made with your child’s favorite color or even a picture of something they love like a unicorn, tractor, or mickey mouse. 

Always buy a backpack made from durable material and one that has other safety features such as padded adjustable straps, zip pockets, and a carry handle or a hanging hook. 

  • Personalised Pencils and Case 

Get your stationery lover a statement gift of personalised pens, pencils, or crayons. Such a gift makes for handy writing instruments that are also unique.  

You can also get them a pen or pencil case personalised with their name. You’ll find great cases that can be carried around by your little one making it easy to keep all their school essentials in one place.  

Such a case and personalised pencils make it easy for your child to distinguish their essentials from others in their class. 

  • Personalised Lunch Bag and Water Bottle 

Personalised lunch bags and water bottles make great back to school gifts. You can also get a personalised lunch box for your child to keep their lunch. 

You can add your child’s name or a unique message to any of these gifts to set the gift apart. You can also personalize the gift with your child’s photo or with an image of something your child loves.  

For instance, you can personalise your little one’s water bottle with a shirt of their favorite football club if they are football fans or personalise your daughter’s lunch box with unicorn or a rainbow 

  • Personalised Notebooks and Journals 

Making notes is part of every student’s life, and your child is going to need a notebook. Make it fun for them to make notes by getting them a personalised notebook. Personalise it with your child’s name or with a special message.  

You can also get your thoughtful child a personalised journal to jot down their thoughts and inspirations. Personalise it with their name or with their favorite quote. 

  • Personalised Photo Frame 

What better way to display your son’s or daughter’s favorite school memory than on a photo. You can frame their first day at school photos or their graduation ceremonies photos on personalised frames. 

You’ll find them such frames in different colors and materials, and you can engrave them with your child’s name, the occasion, and the date the photo was taken 

You can even get a personalised hang-it photo display where you can slip all your child memorable school photos. This is also a lovely keepsake gift that your child will keep past their school days. 

Our Top Recommended Personalised Gifts for Back to School 

If you haven’t decided on what to get your child for their back to school gift, we have just the right gifts for you.  

We are sure after looking at our products you won’t miss something lovely to get your son or daughter. 

Personalised Rainbow Pink Backpack

A beautiful backpack for a beautiful girl, this is the perfect gift for a girl who loves color. It is also functional as every school going child needs a backpack 

The backpack is made from durable hardwearing material that is meant to last. It has adjustable padded straps to ensure comfort for your little one. It also includes a front zip pocket where your child can keep all their little valuable items. Further, the backpack has a hanging hook and it’s large enough to fit an A4 folder.  

You can be sure that this stylish backpack that has a lovely picture of a rainbow at the front will please your little one. Personalise it with her name for that special touch.  

P0710J13 1

A swim and kit bag is a necessity for school swimming and PE lessons. We suggest you get her our lovely cute bunny kit bag You lovely girl can keep all her PE and swimming kits in here and they will be safe. It’s unique with a lovely image of a cute bunny and a rainbow at the front.  

The bag features drawstrings as its shoulder straps that are also used to close the bag. The outer part is made of canvas cotton while the inner lining is made of PEVA which makes this bag water proof 

This is a must have for every girl who loves to work and play This pink bag has enough space for 12 characters which you can use to personalize it with your little ones name. 

Cute Cat Drinks BottleP0804A23 1

Do you have a cat lover in your home? Then you have just the perfect gift for him or her. This personalised cat drinks bottle does stand out and it comes with a cute picture of a cat head.  

Made of aluminum and plastic material, it will last a lifetime. It can hold enough water or soft drink for your little one to quench their thirst as it has a capacity of 400mlPersonalize it with your child’s name, and see their face light up. 

P0710J23 1

Wondering what to get your lovely son as a back to school gift? Consider our impressive blue-colored tractor lunch bag. It has a cute picture of a tractor, and if your little one loves cars or tractors, he will fall in love with this gift 

The bag has two straps that make it easy to carry around and it’s big enough to carry a lunch box and a water bottle. Its blue color stands out and it has an insulated interior lining that will keep your boy’s lunch safe.  

The white interior is easy to wipe in case there is food spillage and the exterior will remain dry due to the insulated lining. You can personalize it with your child’s name and let them know you are thinking about them every time they take a bite of their delicious meal. 

P0710I38 1

Our beautiful Me to You pencil case will impress your daughter. The case features the lovely tatty teddy bear with her grey fur and unique blue nose 

The pencil case is big enough to keep all her stationery and its durable material ensures it does not tear easily.   

It has a beautiful pink color and a hook which can be used for carrying or hanging on a hook in the classroom.  

You can personalise it with up to 12 characters of your child’s name for a lovely look 

P0710J07 1

Get this digger black backpack for your boy who loves trucks. Featuring a digger yellow truck, the backpack is bound to stand out.  

The backpack is big enough to fit your child’s back-to-school essentials. It is also made from sturdy synthetic material that will ensure it will last beyond the school year.  

It also has padded straps, a front zip pocket, and a hanging hook making it very functional. Personalise it with your boys name and let them know the gift is meant just for them. 

P011417 scaled

What better way to remember your little ones first day at school than to have a portrait photo of them in their school uniform. Put this in this ‘my first day at school frame that can hold a 5×7 portrait photograph. 

 Made from durable walnut catalpa wood, this frame is bound to last a lifetime. Personalise it with your child’s name, or the name of their school, and their first day at school date to make the experience even more memorable 

The frame has around two free lines of 30 characters each where you can write your special message. 

Personalised Oak Finish 4x6 My First Day At School Photo Frame

personalised photo frame that is perfect for his or her first day at school photo. It is big enough to fit a 4*6 photo. Its beautiful finish is made from Oak Veneer.  

The words my first day at school are fixed but it has 2 lines 30 characters each space for you to write a special message for your child. You can also include their name and the date the photo was taken. 

There you have it, our guide to getting your child the best back-to-school gift. Get any of our seven personalised gifts for your child and remind them of your love even when they are at school. 


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