10 Benefits of Personalised Gifts (Some Will Surprise You)

Classic Triple Tea Light Box

If you think that personalised gifts are tacky, then we have two things to say to you. The first is that you’re not alone in thinking this. And the second is that you’re completely wrong!

We’re going to take you through 10 cool benefits of personalised gifts to show you that selecting the right gift for the right occasion can really blow some socks off. You’ll be surprised at the quality and diversity of gifts that can be personalised here at For You.

Totally Unique

I Heart Small Silver 2x3 Photo Frame

Yep, let’s start with the most obvious benefit of personalised gifts. By customising your gift with a name, nickname, birthday, or even just an inside joke, it’s instantly unique. You know that there won’t be that awkward moment when they unwrap something they already own. Or worse, open two gifts that are the same.

Personalised gifts help you avoid those awkward scenarios altogether. And there’s more – many personalised gifts can be taken one step further, like the I Heart Small Silver Photo Frame, with a photo slot.

Still Great Gifts!

Personalised Family Slate Clock

While the engraved name or message makes the gift special, don’t forget that the gift has a purpose too. With or without the personalised message, our gifts at For You are still awesome, and anyone would be lucky to receive them.

Take the Family Slate Clock, for example. Even without the artfully scripted name personalised on the clock face, it’s still a wonderful gift and a very useful one too. The personalised benefit is just the icing on an already delicious cake. A perfect gift!

Small Budget? No Problem

Personalised Rainbow Sunshine Milk Chocolate Bar

Whether there’s a spending limit on your Secret Santa this year, or you just don’t want to spend too much money, there’s nothing wrong with finding a cheap personalised gift!

In fact, personalising a cheap gift often increases its value to the recipient.

Some examples of small, cheap gifts that can be personalised include:

For a full list of small but powerful personalised gifts, check out all our gifts sorted from the lowest price to the highest.

Go Big, or Go Home

Personalised Wooden Nose-Shaped Glasses Holder

The variety of gifts that can be personalised is endless. So, if those personalised chocolate bars, pencils, and other “stocking fillers” left you feeling a bit… meh… then don’t panic. You can easily find some extravagant personalised presents too.

Check out the Personalised Wooden Nose-Shaped Glasses Holder as an example. It’s a decent-sized gift, made of high-quality materials, and it’s going to be so fun to unwrap!

Put this present under the tree and they’ll be puzzled by the unusual shape for weeks before they open it.

Why Personalise Gifts for Special Occasions?

Gold, Rose Gold and Silver 3 Hearts Necklace

For that diamond anniversary or your daughter’s wedding, you need something that’s not just a nice gift, but absolutely beautiful.

There’s a common misconception that all personalised gifts are cheap. But they aren’t all scrappy bookmarks and brightly coloured mugs. In fact, there are many exquisite and stunning personalised gifts too.

One of our favourites is the 3 Hearts Necklace. It’s made with sterling silver, plated gold, and plated rose gold, then personalised with 3 names of your choice. Presented in a gift box.

High-Quality Gifts

Gin Balloon Glass

Who said that personalised gifts had to be cheap and low-quality? Maybe we’re a little different at For You, but we believe that every personalised gift should be as well-made and thought-out as the personalised message you have engraved on them.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift that breaks instantly or just doesn’t look like what you purchased online.

So, ones of the greatest benefits of personalised gifts (like this Balloon Gin Glass) is the surprisingly good quality and long-lasting materials used. These gifts last a lifetime.

Everyone’s Favourite Heroes

Nursery Rhyme Book

Personalised gifts don’t always just slap a name on an inanimate object. Some special personalised gifts place the recipient where they’ve always wanted to be – amongst their heroes.

Our personalised books are the best example of this. They’ll be bouncing off the ceiling when they see that their name is printed right on the front of their favourite storybook, or next to their favourite character.

For kids especially, personalised gifts are unbeatable.

Browse through all our Personalised Books to find a new and very special story for bedtime.

Make Some Memories

Classic Pint Glass

Not all personalised gifts are for kids, however. Whether it’s a gift for grandpa or a special just-because gift for your partner, there are some truly great adult-oriented personalised gifts to find too.

And one of the great benefits of these personalised gifts is that they create memories. Either remind them of a special memory with an engraved message or create a new memory when you hand over the gift.

Some cool ideas include:

Make Them Laugh or Cry

Crystal Whisky Tumbler

You might be thinking “well, a glass is just a glass” but you’d be wrong. Personalising a drinks glass or any other gift doesn’t just mean adding their name to it.

By adding a personalised message with a special meaning, you can completely change the vibe of the gift. Make them laugh with an inside joke, silly pun, or reminder of that time when…

Or you can go the other way. For the family that never talks about their feelings, a small gift with “I love you” engraved on it can bring tears to everyone’s eyes.

A Gift for Years to Come

Classic Triple Tea Light Box

The most over-looked benefit of personalised gifts is that they last a lifetime.

When you buy someone a generic gift, like a coffee maker or set of kitchen knives, you can guarantee that in 10 years they won’t have it anymore. When the newer model comes along, or the gift just doesn’t work anymore, it will be replaced.

But when it’s personalised, like this tea light box, it becomes sentimental. These are the kinds of gifts that stay for a lifetime.

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