Personalised Gifts for Pet Owners

Personalised Reserved For 16cm Large White Pet Bowl

Actions speak louder than words, and nothing says ‘I am thinking of you’ better than a gift.

For most people, the size or the price tag on the gift doesn’t matter. What counts is the thought behind the gift.

This is why you shouldn’t give a gift to your loved ones just because you have to, put some thought and love into the present and let them know they hold a special place in your heart.

And what better way to do this than to get a personalised gift for your special someone. personalised gifts are unique, and they can be customised for everyone, even pet lovers.

If you have been considering gifting your friend who is a pet owner, don’t go for a generic gift. Consider gifting them with personalised gifts that are ideal for them and their pets.

To make your shopping easier, we have come up with our recommended personalised gifts for pet owners.

Read on to get a lowdown on everything to do with how to get a personalised gift for your friend who can’t do without their pet.

Why Personalised Gifts Are the Best for Pet Owners

If you have a friend who is a pet owner, they probably like their four-legged friend more than they like you! ????

Not to worry though, getting them a pet-related gift with a personal touch to it can result in a memorable experience.

Here are some of the benefits of getting personalised gifts for pet owners.

1.     It Will Make a Wonderful Memento

You don’t want your friend to forget about your gift the moment you walk out of the door.

A personalised gift is something unique, and every time your friend looks at it, they’ll remember you and their pet.

2.     A Variety of Gifts to Choose From

When you go for a personalised gift, it is easy to get one that is just right for your favourite pet.

Further, you don’t have to worry if you’ll look weird with a generic gift. A personalised gift speaks volume and is ideal for any occasion.

3.     Budget-Friendly

Sometimes you don’t have money to spend on a gift. However, with a personalised gift, you can come up with something affordable and nice at the same time.

For instance, a simple coffee mug can be engraved with your friend’s dog name and become a memorable gift.

4.     No Two Gifts Will Be the Same

With a personalised gift, there is no chance that your loved one will receive the same gift you give them from others.

Your gift will be unique and treasured for a lifetime.

5.     You Can Customise It for Their Pet

Does your friend love cats or dogs, truth be told, it’s hard to find a generic gift that can express the right feeling relating to their lovely pets.

However, with a personalised gift, you can tell them precisely what you need to say without saying a thousand words.

Ideal Gifts for Different Pet Owners

There are numerous personalised gifts that may seem perfect for pet owners. However, each pet owner may have a preference when it comes to a gift.

If you are in doubt on what to get your friend, consider our personalised gifts that are ideal for any pet owner.

·       Personalised Pet Bed

What better gift to give your friend than a personalised pet bed for their favourite pet.

Such a bed lets the owner know that you are concerned about the welfare of their pet. The owner will also rest easy knowing their pets are cozy and comfortable.

·       Customised Pet Containers

Customised pet containers are in variety. You can get your friend a treats storage container or a food bowl that is engraved with the pets name or one with a lovely, special message about their pet.

·       Customise Pet Blanket or Mat

Getting a blanket or mat with your friend’s pet name or picture printed on it is the perfect way to enhance the love between the pet and their owner.

You can even go for a handmade blanket that is one of a kind. Such blankets and mats are available in different sizes and colour.

·       Customised Mugs

If you are looking for a practical gift for your pet lover, consider getting a customised pet mug.

Such mugs can be customised with a picture of the pet or the pet’s name. Such a gift will remind the owner of their cherished pet every time they take a sip off their favourite mug.

·       Pet Signs

Get a wooden sign personalised with the name of your pet. It can also be personalised with a task or instructions for the pet, such as where they are supposed to relieve themselves.

Ensure the sign is made from a durable material such as wood that will not smear or fade.

·       Customised Pet Tags

Every pet needs a tag for easy identification.

You can make a statement by buying your friend a personalised pet tag. You can add a photo of the pet, their name, or a simple, unique pattern such as a paw.

A customised pet tag is not only a cute gift but a functional one too.

Our Best Recommended Personalised Gifts for Pet Owners

If you are out shopping for the perfect gift for a pet owner, consider our eight gift ideas for your pet lover friend.

Each of these personalised gifts has a special touch that will make your friend and their pet happy.

1.     Personalised Dog Needs Walking Wooden Sign

Personalised Dog Needs Walking Wooden Sign

This Personalised wood sign can be personalised with the dog’s name. On one side, it has the words ‘needs walking’ and on the other ‘has been walked’ on the other side. You can add your pet name on both sides for that special touch.

If the dog is yet to be walked, display it showing the words ‘needs walking.’ However, if the task is already done, let everyone know by displaying the words on the other side of the sign.

Made from pine wood, this is not only a beautiful gift for your loved one but also one that will last a lifetime.

It also has enough writing space to accommodate up to 12 characters of your pet’s name.

2.     Oak Finish 4*6 Paw Prints Photo Frame

Personalised Oak Finish 4x6 Paw Prints Photo Frame

This personalised paw prints photo frame is a lovely gift for all pet lovers. What even better is that it comes with enough space for you to include your personalised message.

Its two lines space provided below the photo can hold up to 20 characters for every line. The frame is made up of an oak veneer finish that makes it beautiful to look at.

You can hang this frame on your wall or keep it near your bedside table and let it always remind you of your favourite pet.

3.     Luxury Dog Blanket/Mat

Personalised Luxury Dog Blanket/Mat

Every dog lover knows a blanket is something they can’t do without.

A dog blanket keeps your pet feeling cozy as they sleep, and during the cold winter days. Some dog owners also use the dog blanket to protect their furniture from dog scratches and fur. The blanket also comes in handy as a warmer alternative to a cold floor.

This luxury, warm blanket is suitable for all the above reasons and more. It is patterned with an attractive paw print and made from soft, warm fleece.

What makes this blanket even better is that it has 12-character space where you can Personalise it with your friend’s dog name or include a lovely message for their pet.

4.     Reserved For 16cm Large White Pet Bowl

Personalised Reserved For 16cm Large White Pet Bowl

This pet bowl is ideal for a pet lover with a large dog, as its height and width is around 18cm. Made of ceramic the container is sturdy and durable.  Since it is painted in white, it will fit right in with your wall décor and look stunning in your home.

It’s big enough for dinner you can also use it for water. Its weight makes it harder to slip, making it ideal for dogs who love to play with their food.

Even better, the bowl allows you to personalise it with your pets name and include an additional message below the name.

Get this bowl and make your pet look forward to something lovely during dinner time.

5.     Pink Cat Bowl

Personalised Pink Cat Bowl

This cat bowl is super cute, primarily due to the stunning fish-bone design and the ‘meooww’ word engraved inside.

It’s big enough for a cat with a big appetite, as its height is almost 17 cm. It is also suitable for both food and water, and since it’s made of ceramic, it’s chew-proof.

Due to its weight, it will be hard for your cat to tip it during dinner.  Painted white and purple, this stylish bowl will blend well with your home décor.

It also cleans easily, as you can simply clean it by hand. What makes it unique is that you can personalise it with your pet’s name and even add a few characters after the name.

6.     Scribble Dog Placemat

Personalised Scribble Dog Placemat

Is your dog a sloppy eater, we have just the right gift for her. This scribble dog placemat is made from an absorbent material that is quick-drying. This mat also doubles up as a non-slip mat, which is quite crucial for your clumsy friend.

You will also appreciate that it’s easy to clean as you can wash it in the sink after dinner. Personalise it with your dog’s name at the top and add a special message after the name for that special touch.


7.     Personalised Photo Cushion

This Personalised photo cushion will add a splash of elegance and colour to your loved one room. It also makes a memorable gift for your friend and their pet.

Add a photo of your loved one’s pet and the name of the pet on the gift. The cushion is available in four sizes, and in four finish options including canvas, linen, faux sued single-sided, and faux sued double -sided.

Buy this cushion and let your friend and her pet snuggle up to their photos.

8.     Personalised Wooden Dog Brush

Personalised Wooden Dog Brush

A perfect unique gift for that loving pooch, this personalised wooden double-sided dog brush is the only brush you’ll need for your pet’s daily grooming.

The brush is made up of thick black bristles on one side while the other side has durable metal bristles to comb your dog’s hair. The handle is made of durable wood and comes with a thin handle for comfort.

This brush is versatile and easy to use suitable for both small and large-sized dogs.  Personalise it with the pet’s name next to the name ‘brush,’ which comes as a standard part of the handle.

In conclusion, getting your friend a gift that speaks volume about their favourite four-legged friend doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our eight recommended personalised gifts are fit for any pet lover. Get your loved one of these unique gifts and let them know their special friend holds a special place in your heart.

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