Finding the Perfect Personalised Gifts for Her

Me to You Bees Mug

Are you looking for just the perfect gift for your loved one? Sure, it’s going to be a difficult task, but not if you allow us to step in and help you find that perfect gift for her.

Choose with the kind of person she is in mind and you’re sure to find something thoughtful and meaningful that she will love.

Sparkling and Lovely

Family Bird Necklace

Does she love jewellery? You’ll be spoilt for choice with contemporary personalised jewellery range. If you want to gift her that special jewellery set, say it with a silver necklace by choosing the Family Bird Necklace. If she means the world to you, convey your feelings through the Tumbling Hearts Diamond Necklace. You might also like to look at the Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet, stylish in its own way, or the Mummy’s Little Angels Necklace.

Still on the jewellery front, we also have choices in luxury watches. Would she like to sport one when she’s out with you? Give her a choice of the stylish Rose Gold Ladies Watch or the functional Nurse’s Fob Watch. Who knows, she may like both?

The House-Proud Type

Me to You Bees Mug
Me to You Bees Mug

Is your ladylove keen to have a great-looking house? Does she do all she can to keep it spick and span? Does she love using beautiful and appropriate things around the house? Well, let her day start with an Abstract Rose Mug or our Me to You Bees Mug.


The Nature-Lover

Sentiments Glass Vase
Sentiments Glass Vase

Does she wish she had a big enough garden that would house all the plants and flowers she loves? Now, she needn’t pursue that dream. Gift her our either our I’d Pick You Glass Vase, or our Sentiments Glass Vase or our Classic Glass Vase. Any of these can hold seasonal flowers you buy from the local florist, which is sure to keep her happy. There’s also the Personalised Love You To The Moon and Back Glass Vase, another classic vase from our store that can carry your personal message.

For a small but cosy home, your nature-loving friend can also sport a terrarium. So, you could gift her an Any Message Glass Terrarium that she can fill up as she likes.


 A Home Bar She’s Honoured to Own

Mum You Deserve This' Gin Balloon Glass
Mum You Deserve This’ Gin Balloon Glass

For someone who loves to make additions to her home bar with either a stately Big Age Cut Crystal Wine Glass, or a Big Age Cut Crystal Whisky Tumbler. Or why not consider an elegant Mum You Deserve This’ Gin Balloon Glass?





Calm and Sedate

Floral Sentimental Reed Diffuser
Floral Sentimental Reed Diffuser

If your choice of lover is someone calm, sedate, and one who perhaps meditates a lot, why not add to her serene atmosphere by gifting her a Floral Sentimental Reed Diffuser, or a Birthday Gold and Pink Stripe Scented Jar Candle or even a Classic Pink Reed Diffuser? It’s sure to make her home smell special.

Alternatively, you could choose from our wide selection of scented candles—here’s a short list: Floral Sentimental Ceramic Tea Light Candle Holder, Floral Watercolour Scented Jar Candle, Paisley Wedding Scented Jar Candle, or a Peacock Scented Jar Candle.


Ruby Damask Heart Traditional Album
Ruby Damask Heart Traditional Album 1

Photo frames are aplenty with us—just name the kind you’re looking for. If you’ve spent lovely times together and have captured them on film, why not save them in albums too? For those special moments, choose the Silver Album with Sleeves, a Ruby Damask Heart Traditional Album or a Black Damask Heart Traditional Album would also make a wonderful gift.


These are just some of the vast range of perfect gifts for her that you might like to look at. If you’re still not satisfied with what you see, click to see the rest of our store full of amazing gifts for her. Many that she’s going to love receiving as much as you would love gifting.

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