Gifts to Send Someone During Lockdown

Personalised Staying Inn Metal Sign

With the festive season already around the corner, it isn’t easy not to worry about the present Covid-19 pandemic. We’re at hand help take your mind away with our fun and thoughtful personalised gifts guide during lockdown. So let’s get ready for the upcoming Christmas season and try our best to stay positive and be happy.

Perhaps, this is the right time for you to start thinking about your special friends and family for whom you buy great gifts each year. What would you want to gift them this year? One way of doing this is to do something different this year. Instead of spending hours queuing in shopping centres you’ll be struck by the huge variety of personalised gifts you can order right here from home.

Christmas Baubles

If you’re looking for a personalised gift for a special couple or family, you might like to send them a Personalised Christmas Lockdown Year Bauble. It’s special as it can be hung up on their Christmas tree and lend its distinctive charm to it. As the sender, you can add your personalised message to it on both sides of the bauble face. It will also be a great memoir for them as the bauble bears the year 2020 on it and the words ‘Christmas Lockdown Year.’

It comes along with a red festive ribbon that can be used to hang the bauble on the tree. All in all, it makes for a cheery Christmas gift.

For a little extra, you can have the gift wrapped in a decorative ribbon and attach a gift card to it, along with your message.

Ceramic Mugs

Personalised Working From Home MugYou might want to see some more gifts before you make a choice, so let’s move on to personalised ceramic mugs. With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter a personalised mug is the perfect gift at this time of year! People love to receive them and the more personalised they are, the more appreciated they are. We have a vast range of mugs with plenty of choice for your family and close friends. Choose our Personalised Working from Home Mug which can be made more special by adding your own message on the back of the mug.

Have a look at our range of mugs and brighten up a loved one’s cup tea or coffee! It’s just right to gift on any occasion.

Cuddly Teddies

Personalised If You Need A Hug Teddy BearPerhaps, you’ve been searching for ways of saying “thinking of you” but haven’t found the perfect gift. Use Lockdown to gift that special someone a cute Personalised If You Need A Hug Teddy Bear. This is one is made to be softer and cuddlier than most other teddies, so you can be sure that whoever you gift it to is going to cherish it.

The jumper worn by the teddy can be personalised with a message especially from you to your loved one. Additionally, you can have your gift wrapped using a ribbon and a gift card bearing your message on it.


Christmas Tea & Coffee Mugs

Personalised Christmas Hug MugPersonalised ceramic mugs are wonderful gifts for your dear ones. If you gift one this festive season to a coffee-lover, you can be sure it will be used often and with great cheer. In this Christmas season, your personalised message can easily be printed onto these coffee mugs.

Our ceramic mugs are ideal for Christmas gifting. Take a look at the Personalised Christmas Hug Mug that can brighten up the face of anyone who loves drinking coffee – or hot chocolate! And once you personalise it with your special touch, it’s sure to be cherished for a long time.

You can have your message put on the back of the mug, set in four lines of 25 characters in each line. This makes for a superb Christmas gift!

Decorative Metal Signs

Personalised Staying Inn Metal SignWhen ‘Staying Inn’ is the new going out… Get in the mood for staying in with a beverage, with our new cheeky metal sign! A Personalised Staying Inn Metal Sign makes an ideal gift for Christmas 2020.

This one can be personalised with your loved one’s names and a special message at the bottom. The fixed text, “The Staying Inn” remains in place.  Made of aluminium, this metal sign makes for a great fun gift!


Scented Jar Candles

Personalised Thinking of You Christmas Scented Jar CandleThere may be some of your friends who who just have no idea what to get! A much loved gift is our Personalised Thinking of You Christmas Scented Jar Candle is perfect. The soft, warm glow that candles bring and the lovely scent they fill a room with makes them the perfect gift for any recipient!

There are times when it feels nice to dim the lights in your home and close your eyes while the glow of your scented candles radiates all over the room.

Made of paraffin wax, these candles have an average burn time of 25 hours.

It’s the perfect gift for your friends, particularly with its message that reads, ‘Just to say, thinking of you this Christmas.’ This is fixed text but you can add your very own message that will be set in two lines and of course you can browse more of our candle range!

Once the personalised message is printed on the candles, you can have them specially gift-wrapped and tied in ribbon along with a gift card and your message.

Wine Glasses

Bottle of Wine GlassIf you think our Bottle of Wine Glass is like any other wine glass, think again. Yes, this one is different because it is capable of holding all the wine that’s contained in a bottle of wine. If the recipient of this glass is a true wine-lover, he or she is going to love this one!

You can make this gift look all the more special by adding a personalised five-line message to the glass.


Christmas Cheer Face Mask

Personalised Spreading Christmas Cheer Face CoveringIf you want to show your close friends how much you care for them during this pandemic, it would be a great idea to gift them face coverings or face masks. This gift would help them remain safe during the Covid-19 virus. One such face-covering that is already popular is the Personalised Spreading Christmas Cheer Face Covering.

The face-covering is made of two layers—100% cotton from the inside and 100% polyester from the outside. The tie-ups are made of rubber so that they give you the perfect fit and are comfortable around the ears. These face coverings also have two filters, 12 cm, and 8 cm.

Using five-layer filtration technology, these disposable filters are made using non-woven melt-blown filter cloth and activated carbon.



Personalised Snowman Face CoveringYet another popular one in our face mask range is our Personalised Snowman Face Covering, this face-covering too can be personalised.

Each pack comprises two filters. To use, one of these two filters should be placed in the slit of the face covering. Each face covering is about 13 cm x 17.8 cm in size and needs only to be hand-washed.



HO HO HOME Face Covering

Personalised Ho Ho Home Face CoveringGiven the recent pandemic resurfacing in certain parts of the world, the need to be safe has been intensified. The Personalised Ho Ho Home Face Covering is one more means by which we can keep ourselves safe. Rather than keep it plain and boring, this face mask is fun and colourful!


These are but a small selection of the vast variety of gifts we have for you this Christmas season. We invite you to scroll through the many pages of our Gifts for this Christmas season and make your one-of-a-kind choice! To grab the best we have, visit christmas site now.

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