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Personalised Me to You The One I Love at Christmas Book

Christmas. An exceptional holiday.

The history around Christmas reveals an array of traditions and customs.

One of the many Christmas traditions that has endured over the years, and which has evolved is the concept of Christmas presents.

Speaking of Christmas and presents, this is the whole idea behind the Christmas festivities.

One, because Jesus Christ was a gift to us, from God.  And two, because the season reminds us of the gesture shown by the three wise men when they gifted baby Jesus with three magnificent presents: Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense.

Thanks to the beautiful Christmas story, gift-giving was cemented into the culture of the festivities.

Families and friends receive and give gifts during the season.  And children have come to associate Christmas with gifts.

Still, on Christmas and presents, a type of gift idea that has become popular over the years is personalised Christmas gifts.

Personalised Christmas gifts are slowly becoming popular, and they are redefining gift-hunting and gift-giving during the Christmas festivities.

Personalised Christmas gifts are a new way of showing your family, friends, and other loved ones that you value, care, and adore them.

Customised gifts are commanding a more significant chunk of the gift-giving market, and this Christmas, you should not be left out.

Why you should buy Personalised Gifts this Christmas

This Christmas, you ought to make a point of having personalised presents feature in your gift list.  Why?

Because a customised Christmas gift will make your loved one know that it was made specifically for him/her.

This will make your recipient appreciate the fact that you took time off your schedule to plan for his/her gift.  This will certainly make your recipient feel extra special.

Getting a customised gift for your family and friends will also eliminate having the disappointments associated with the “outdated” gift-hunting trends.

Such disappointments include: spending hours and hours in malls trying to find the perfect gift, and still having to settle for just about anything because no great gift was found, winding up with nothing after a last-minute gift-hunt, and having to give a wacky gift.

Personalised Christmas gifts are worth every dime spent on them.  True, personalised gifts may require you to go a little deeper in your pockets, but it is all worth it.

Contributing to the joy and happiness of a loved one is priceless, and so saving up for this will come in handy for you.

What are the examples of Products that can be Customised?

There are different things you can choose to add a personal touch to, thus making them more valuable and extra special.

The personal spice can be added to Christmas stockings, plush sucks, notebooks, passport holders, photo frames, jewellery boxes, ornaments, pens, wallets, plates, blankets, mugs, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, aprons, and a vast range of Christmas décor (such as baubles).

You can pretty much think about anything that can be presented as a Christmas gift.  Once you have settled on something, you can think of customising ideas that you might want to apply on the product.

The personal touch can be the recipient’s name, initials, a specially crafted message, a sweet story, or even a milestone.

Looking for great personalised Christmas gift ideas for the holidays that your loved ones will truly love and cherish?

Come along and see just a couple of personalised Christmas gifts we stock at For You.

A sample of what we have at For You

1.    Pink My 1st Christmas Tree Photo Frame Decoration

Personalised Pink My 1st Christmas Tree Photo Frame Decoration

Our pink snowflakes photo frame decoration is a superb personalised Christmas gift that can be presented to a baby who is celebrating his first Christmas.

The material of this photo frame is wood, and it has a fixed text “My 1st Christmas,” giving one room to personalise with the baby’s name and the Christmas year.

The icing to the cake on this decoration is the frame that can fit a photo with measurements 7.5cm X 7.0cm.  This is perfect for fitting the recipient’s photo.

This product is fabulous and is an excellent decoration to add to a Christmas tree.  This product will also look amazing hung anywhere else in the house, aside from the Christmas tree.

The best part is that this present is worth a keep because it tells of a beautiful baby milestone that will be remembered for years.

2.    Silver Plated Initials Disc Bracelet

Personalised Silver Plated Initials Disc Bracelet

An elegant gift is something.  An elegant personalised gift is much more stylish, thoughtful, and extra adorable.

This is the idea behind our silver-plated initials disc bracelet.

This 8.5-inch long bracelet is a masterpiece that allows you to personalise with three initials and is an utter sheer for gifting your beloved wife, girlfriend, or any other special lady in your life, for Christmas.

3.    Me to You the One I love at Christmas Book

Personalised Me to You The One I Love at Christmas Book

Poems and Lovers go way back.

Our “The One I Love at Christmas” is a poem book that is phenomenal for the festivities and is an idyllic romantic treat for your partner.

This poem book has dimensions of 20cm X 20cm, and it has 28 magical pages, guaranteed to spread the love during the Christmas festivities.

Our poem book allows you to personalise with your name and that of the recipient.  Both names can also be viewed in the illustrations as you flip through the book’s pages.

For couples in love, this is an ideal personalised Christmas gift.

4.    Highland Stag Scented Jar Candle

Personalised Highland Stag Scented Jar Candle

Beautifully scented candles equal heavenly fragrances and warmth in the home, which is superb for Christmas.

Our highland stag scented jar candle is an essential gift that will add elegance and warmth to any home.

The candle is made from paraffin wax and has a burn time of 25 hours, perfect to burn during Christmas dinner.

Our different scents allow you to choose the fragrances you would wish to have in your home.

You may opt to personalise this gift with the family name, or you may gift it to individuals, thus customising with their names.

5.    Christmas Hanging Slate Plaque

Personalised Christmas Hanging Slate Plaque

Beautifully designed door signs provide a stylish décor to homes.  And our Christmas hanging slate plaque is uniquely designed to add a touch of class and elegance to your home.

The text “Christmas at” is fixed, leaving you room to personalise with the names of the recipients (up to 25 characters).

This personalised Christmas gift is stunning and is a unique hanging decoration that is also a keepsake that can be used for many Christmases.  Sounds like a great deal!

6.    Boofle Christmas Reindeer Bauble

Personalised Boofle Christmas Reindeer Bauble

Decorating Christmas trees is one of the highlights of the holidays.

Christmas decorations involve adorning Christmas trees with an array of ornaments and baubles.  The tradition of decorating Christmas trees is practiced in virtually almost every home in the country.

The question is, have you tried decorating your Christmas trees with unique personalised baubles?

This is a new a refreshing concept in Christmas decorations that deviates from the traditional one-coloured and mostly boring baubles.

Our Boofle Christmas Reindeer bauble grants you the opportunity to customise your baubles.  You may customise with the recipient’s title, name, and even a message on the reverse of the bauble.

A personalised Christmas bauble will certainly look the part hung on a Christmas tree or any other area of the home.

You might want to consider this gift idea to add to the fun and to brighten your home during the holidays.

7.    Large Wooden Christmas Eve Box

personalised large wooden christmas eve box 3 46976 p

Our large wooden Christmas Eve box is made from natural wood, making it authentic.  You can personalise this box with the recipient’s name not exceeding 12 characters.

This box is perfect for Christmas Eve, especially in keeping the little ones engaged as you make your last-minute Christmas preparations.

You can fill this box with a variety of treats which the little ones will undoubtedly appreciate and cherish.

Further, this box can be kept as a treasure for years to come.

8.    Rachel Hale Cute Kitten A5 Notebook

Personalised Rachael Hale Cute Kitten A5 Notebook

This Rachel Hale Kitten A5 notebook is cute, chic, and stylish that will melt the heart of your little girl.

Personalising this notebook with your little girl’s name will make it more personal and is thoughtful.

The 40 double-sided pages are enough for your little girl to jot down notes while thinking of how special you are.

Christmas is all about being jolly, merrymaking, and spreading the love.

Of the many ways that you can touch the souls of your family, friends, and loved ones, personalised gifts are among the top of the list.

As such, we invite you at For You to be part of showing your loved ones that you are thoughtful and that you value them by gifting them with our unique and personalised Christmas gifts range.

We believe that the products we stock, which vary in style and design, make adorable gifts, perfect for celebrating a special Christmas.

Happy holidays in advance!

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