Personalised Gifts for Men

Personalised Diamond Stainless Steel Tankard

Buying gifts for him, whether “him” is your down-to-earth brother, the best grandpa, doting dad, beloved boyfriend, fiancé, or your compassionate and loving husband, finding the perfect gift for them is a plus.

Speaking of gifting the important men in your life, finding the ultimate presents for them can be made extra special through customising ideas.

Essential Tips for getting Personalised Gifts for Him

Many people have stated that buying gifts for men is work in itself.  Why? You may ask.

Perhaps because many of them do not associate their feelings with the gifts they receive.  They are less vocal about how they express their love when presented with gifts.

This comes as no surprise that because of the challenge that comes with gifting men, we end up gifting them with the same things over and over again.

While some of these gifts (the usual tie, the normal cufflinks, the ordinary watch, or that common cologne) may be appreciated, others not so much.

Gifting men does not have to be a constant challenge.  Instead, it can be made fun by making the gifts personal.

Personalised gifts for him are a phenomenal and great way of showing that you care.

While you are thinking of customising a gift for him, you might want to take note of the following pointers:

  • The gift you are thinking of presenting to him should be useful

It would be such a bummer to discover the gift you presented to an important man in your life pretty much sits in a box, in a corner somewhere, probably dusty.

Such “idle” gifts are also ideal candidates of being re-gifted, which is sad.

It would make much more sense to personalise a gift that can be reused by the recipient.  This would mean the gift was not only thoughtful but also serves an essential purpose in the life of the recipient.

The motto here is that if it adds long-term value to the recipient’s life, then it is something worth buying.

  • The gift you are thinking of buying for him should be of high-quality

It is no brainer that quality gifts are durable.  As such, personalising a gift that is of high quality will likely have an extended shelf life.

Such a gift should be something that he would not usually get because of the price.

Personalising a quality gift, he is probably not expecting will not only offer the best surprise, but it will also scream “you deserve this and much more!”

  • Take note of his Needs

This pointer is related to the other two tips earlier discussed.

When you discover what he needs, this will make your gift-hunting much easier.

You will be in a position to search for a gift that is of quality, which you can then buy and personalise.

In the end, you will have personalised a gift for him that is useful, and which will also be a total surprise.

What Gifts can be personalised for Him?

There are many different gifts that you can add a personal touch to through customisation and present them to the special men in your life.

You may opt to personalise jewellery for him.  Such jewellery may include stylish watches, rings, pocket watches, beautiful cufflinks, watch boxes, valets, and bracelets.

You might also want to consider personalising the manly accessories, which may include wallets, pen/pocket knives, travel bags, key chains, apron, towels, and lighters.

You might also consider customising his barware, mugs, chopping board, barbecue grilling set, and for sports enthusiasts, their sporting paraphernalia.

It is clear from the above that many gifts can be personalised for men depending on what you know about them, what they need the most, and the things that are likely to make them shed tears of joy, secretly.

Our Range of Personalised Gifts for Men

Read on to find out more about what we stock at For You that you might choose to personalise, and which are guaranteed to make the special men in your life feel loved and important.

1.    To the Moon and Back Square Cufflinks

Personalised To the Moon and Back Square Cufflinks

These beautiful cufflinks adorned with the text “I love you…to the moon and back” and dimensions, 1.6cm X 1.6cm X 2.0cm can be customised with a name not exceeding twelve characters.

These cufflinks come with a stylish black box that makes them stand out.

These cufflinks are perfect for sending a sweet message that tells the recipient you love him to the moon and back.

These personalised cufflinks are superb for gifting a special man on his birthday, on Valentine’s day or even on Father’s Day.

2.    Diamond Stainless Steel Tankard

Personalised Diamond Stainless Steel Tankard

Our diamond stainless steel tankard is an extraordinary gift for men who are beer lovers.

This product allows you to personalise with a name not exceeding 12 characters, and also provides you with room to write a 3-line message.

You can personalise this gift for him with a sweet message for his birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, or for Father’s Day.

3.    Perfectly aged Round Chopping Board

Personalised Perfectly Aged Round Chopping Board

Our perfectly aged round chopping board is an ideal gift to present to a guy who is so much into cooking or better yet, a man who is an aspiring chef.

You can personalise this gift with two lines of text not exceeding 15 characters.  This would be a thoughtful, useful and practical gift to present to the ideal recipient for his birthday.

4.    Polish & Shine Shoeshine Kit

Personalised Polish & Shine Shoeshine Kit

Our polish & shine shoeshine kit is a practical gift that allows name customisation for text not exceeding 12 characters.

This unique kit comes with a shoe shine cloth, a wooden polishing brush, and a neutral polish.

This gift is ideal for just about any occasion.  It can be presented on birthdays and Father’s Day.  It is also idyllic to gift a groom for his shoes on his wedding day.

5.    Fork & Trowel Set

Personalised Fork & Trowel Set

Who said gardening men could not be presented with customised gifts?

Our fork & trowel kit allows personalisation with text, not over 20 characters.

This gift is of high-quality given by the fact that it is made of quality carbon steel adorned with mottled effects and the handles are made from ash timber.

This quality gift is practical for a handy gardening man, and its material is guaranteed to give it a long life, confirming its value to its recipient.

You can gift this to your grandpa, father in law, or your dad for his birthday, or on Father’s Day.

6.    Grandad & Me 5×7 Photo Frame

Personalised Grandad & Me 5x7 Photo Frame

Our Grandad & Me photo frame is a perfect personalised gift that adds spice to those special moments captured on photos that feature grandpas and their grandkids.

This photo frame is perfect for fitting a landscape photo and allows personalisation of two lines of text, each line not above 30 characters.

The frames are built from Chinese walnut catalpa wood, which makes this gift durable and a special keepsake.

If you are stuck about what to get your grandpa on Father’s Day or for his upcoming birthday, this might be the perfect gift he will treasure.

7.    Handsome Hands Manicure Set

Personalised Handsome Hands Manicure Set

Our handsome hands’ manicure set is terrific for a man who enjoys having their hands and nails maintained in perfect condition.

This unique set comes with tweezers, nail clippers, nail scissors, and a cuticle pusher.  There is also a mirror fitted into the lid of the box.

This manicure set can be personalised with a text of up to 12 characters.

Looking for a perfect birthday gift for a guy who minds the look of his hands and nails, then you might just have gotten the most practical, useful and thoughtful gift for him.

8.    Patterns Worlds Best Blue Latte Mug

Personalised Patterns Worlds Best Blue Latte Mug

Our world’s best latte mug adorned with bright colours is a fantabulous personalised gift idea for a special man’s birthday or Father’s Day.

The front text “world’s best” is fixed, giving you to personalise with the recipient’s name or title with text not more than 12 characters.

The rear part of the mug can be personalised with a beautiful message organised in four lines and a maximum of 20 characters for each line.

This adorable gift also comes with five sweet toffees, which will undoubtedly put a smile on the recipient’s face.

This gift is a masterpiece that can be presented to the ideal recipient on Father’s Day.


Gifts hold a special place in our hearts.  This is because they form the basis of developing worthwhile and loving relationships with the people in our lives.

Personalised gifts are a vital icing to the cake because they move hearts in unique and special ways.

Personalised gifts for men, including those customised with his name, initials, title, or those that send critical messages, are an essential way of telling the special men in your life that you adore and appreciate them.

They will also reveal the emotional side of most men like never before.  So, don’t be left out as you go about your next gift-hunting escapade!!!

Cheers and happy shopping!

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