The Ultimate Gift: Wooden Sofa Trays

Free Text Wooden Sofa Tray

Searching for the ultimate gift to present to your friends or loved ones but are lost for choice regarding what to select? Go personal with the ultimate gift for the one’s that hard to buy for!

For You has got you covered

At For You, we stock a vast range of personalised gift items that you can present to your friends and loved to make them feel special on their important days.

One of our most exquisite personalised gift range that is loved and adored by many is our range of wooden sofa trays. Let’s focus on the wooden quality for a second.

The wooden grain is stylish, and elegant, while some may give off rustic vibes. Many people love everything wooden, because they not only look natural, wooden materials are appealing to the eye, and accentuate the home décor without trying too hard. And considering that they are natural, wooden gifts will never go out of style, which is reassuring for you as the gift giver, right?

Additionally, our wooden gifts are sturdy and durable. Speaking of wooden things being durable, this is a plus because it means that any wooden gift item you give to your friends, family or other loved ones will likely endure for years. Our gifts will serve as an ideal and lasting memento to your recipients, which is great because they can be cherished forever.

With all the fantastic qualities and value that you stand to benefit from buying wooden gift items, what’s there not to love about personalised wooden sofa trays?

Our Sofa Trays

So, if you are looking for an Anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, wedding gift, or a merely a token to appreciate the special people in your life, our sofa trays will serve you right.

Our wooden sofa trays are chic, and not just that, they are practical. We all know that many of us love having our drinks or eating while relaxing on the sofa. The good news with this gift item, is that it is functional in just any home. These trays will keep your sofas safe from any spillages, and so there will be no need to have worries about your cosy sofa fabric.

The best part about our sofa trays is that they can be adjusted to suit the size of your sofa’s arm.

Personalised Reserved For Wooden Sofa Tray

Among the many options we have, you can opt for our Personalised Reserved For Wooden Sofa Tray, for which the “reserved for” words are fixed.  This wooden sofa tray is ideal for presenting on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthdays. You only fit the tray on your sofa’s arm, adjust it well and voila! it is ready for use.

Personalised Classic Wooden Sofa Tray

We also have the Personalised Classic Wooden Sofa Tray, which as the name suggests, is a classic natural-looking piece. This stylish piece gives you the room to personalise with up to 4 lines of thoughtful words that will make your recipient feel adored. Words like “Just for” “you” “Daddy” “Love XXX” will sure melt your dad’s heart on Father’s Day or his birthday.

You can also personalise this sofa tray for your mom or grandma on their birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion to celebrate them and make them feel loved.

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We have the Free Text Wooden Sofa Tray that allows personalisation with any message lines you will find perfect for your recipient. With all the room to get creative, this sofa tray can be customised for any occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, celebrating a new home or Valentine’s Day.

Initials Wooden Sofa Tray

Our Initials Wooden Sofa Tray is also part of our amazing sofa tray collection. The “” &”” is fixed, allowing you to insert two initials just above and below the “&” sign. The initials will make the sofa tray appear elegant, making it ideal for presenting to a couple when celebrating their new home. You can spread the love to your loved one with this item, adorned with your initials for Valentine’s Day, as a symbol to celebrate your love.

Take Time For Yourself Wooden Sofa Tray

Finally, we have the Take Time For Yourself Wooden Sofa Tray, with the fixed phrase “Take Time For Yourself” which can be personalised with the recipient’s name. This sofa tray is ideal for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for celebrating a new home.

Personalised Gifts Make Gift-giving Creative

At For You, we value personalised gifts because they make gift-giving fun and creative. When you work hard to find the perfect words or message to engrave on a gift item, it makes sense that you will utilise the creativity trait in you. And the memories you will have when you think about just the right works to use will be fun.

For You understands that finding the most terrific gift for your friends and family can be a hustle. And so, we have made it easy for you by stocking a vast range of personalised gift items that you can consider for celebrating your loved ones. Visit our sofa tray category to learn more about our wooden sofa trays.

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