35 Christmas Baubles That Will Make Santa Proud

Personalised Blue Feather Glass Bauble

First of all, Merry Christmas! If you’re here reading our guide to Christmas baubles, you are in for a real treat. From glass baubles to ceramic baubles, we have them all. And better yet, they’re personalised too.

Scroll through our list of the best 35 Christmas baubles and pick one (or ten) for your Christmas tree this year.

Their First Christmas

1st Christmas Festive Fawn Bauble

The 1st Christmas Fawn Bauble is equal measures cute and festive. In 30 years, their first ever bauble will still be on the tree!

Home Sweet Home

Personalised 1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble

If this 1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble isn’t part of your new home Christmas décor kit, that’s seriously bad luck.

With You at Christmas

Angel Wings Bauble

Christmas is a time to spend with family, even those who have passed. Commemorate your loved ones with the Angel Wings Bauble.

Kids Ceramic Bauble

Animal Alphabet Bauble

A bauble that’s all theirs! The Animal Alphabet Bauble has a different animal for every initial – a cool way to personalise your Christmas tree.

For Your Little Penguin

The only thing cuter than this 1st Christmas Pengiun Bauble? Your new baby, of course! Get the entire family in the festive mood.

Christmas Bun

Bunny Bauble

If you have a pet bunny, there are two things you must do. Wrap a carrot for under the tree and get this Bunny China Bauble.

It’s Christmas, Baby!

Baby Girl My First Christmas Bauble

A Christmas personalised bauble that’s also a cute keepsake that will be kept for a lifetime! Personalise the Baby Girl My First Christmas Bauble.

Together Forever

Personalised Cartoon Couple Keepsake Bauble

Here’s to another Christmas together! Whether it’s your first Christmas as a couple or your 50th, here’s a great personalised bauble for your tree.

An Elegant Bauble Gift

Christmas Frost Bauble

A white Christmas? Maybe. An elegant frosted white bauble for the Christmas tree? That’s 100% certain with the Christmas Frost Bauble.

Turn The Lights On

Christmas LED Angel Bauble

The Christmas LED Angel Bauble lights up! With a special name scripted over the front it’s a lovely gift.

Make a Wish

Personalised Christmas Wishes Bauble

If you’re going for a modern, minimalist theme with your Christmas décor this year, the colourful Christmas Wishes Bauble will fit right in.

Light a Christmas Candle

Christmas LED Candle Bauble

Candles at Christmas – a good idea or a fire hazard? The Christmas LED Candle Bauble solves that problem once and for all.

The Centre of the Room

Personalised Christmas Tree Bauble

No Christmas is complete without the tree. Whether you’ve got a live one or not, this personalised Christmas Tree Bauble will be right at home.

Gold and Red Baubles

Personalised Classic Gold Star Christmas Bauble

Gold and red is the classic Christmas colour combination. If you want a bauble to match this theme, check out the Classic Gold Star Christmas Bauble.

Elves Rule

Elf Surveillance Bauble

A cute bauble to make your kids smile! The Elf Surveillance Bauble makes a great gift paired with the Elf on the Shelf book.

For a Christmas Wedding Present

Personalised Fabulous Couple Bauble

Personalise the front with their names, then add a short message on the back. That’s your festive wedding present sorted!

Pretty in Pink

Personalised Fairy Bauble

For a slightly untraditional Christmas, go pink! The Pink Fairy Bauble is personalised with any message of your choice on the back.

A Matching Set

Personalised Fairy Princess Bauble

Keeping with your fairy theme, why not create a whole set of pink Christmas decorations? The personalised Fairy Princess Bauble is waiting for you.

A Gift from Santa

Personalised Father Christmas Bauble

If you’re looking for a secret Santa gift, or even a stocking filler, then these personalised Father Christmas Baubles are going to be perfect.

Love at Christmas

Personalised Female Same-Sex Wedding Partnership Bauble

Surprise your partner with this thoughtful Christmas present to hang on the tree. Add your names, a date, and short message to the Wedding Partnership Bauble.

Glass Bauble for Christmas

Personalised Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

Inside the elegant Glass Christmas Tree Bauble is a gorgeous glass Christmas tree. When you switch on those Christmas lights, it really glows.

The Godfather Bauble

Personalised Godfather Bauble

No, not the Godfather! This Christmas Godfather Bauble is a beautiful gift to give to your kid’s chosen godfather.

The Highland Stag

Highland Stag Bauble

Bring Christmas at Balmoral home and deck the halls like the Queen’s palace. The Highland Stag Bauble is gonna look great on your tree.

Gold and Glittery

Gold Glitter Name Only Reindeer Glass Bauble

A little glamour is essential at Christmas time. Along with the mistletoe and mince pies, make sure you order a few Reindeer Glass Baubles.

Blue Dove Ceramic Bauble

Personalised In Loving Memory Blue Bauble

The white and blue theme is perfect for a commemorative bauble. The In Loving Memory Blue Bauble is a very moving tribute to a passed loved one.

Tatty Teddy at Christmas

Another bauble to add to your cute Christmas bauble collection! Why not personalise this one with you and your partners nicknames?

A Lost Angel

Personalised In Loving Memory Pink Angel Bauble

If our previous commemorative baubles haven’t done the trick so far, check out the classic ceramic In Loving Memory Pink Angel Bauble next.

Wedding Invitations

Personalised Male Same-Sex Wedding Bauble

How about this for a cool wedding invitation idea? Use these Same-Sex Wedding Baubles as invitations for friends and family at Christmas time.

The Merriest Bauble Ever

Personalised Merry Little Christmas Bauble

Get ready to burst into song with the red and white Merry Little Christmas Bauble! Okay, maybe get a few G&Ts down you first…

Not Just for Christmas

Mr & Mrs Bauble

This bauble is great for all-year-round decorations – not just for Christmas. The simple and beautiful design looks sweet hanging anywhere.

For The Star of The Nativity

Nativity Silent Night Bauble

Surprise your little one when they are the star of the school nativity with this personalised Nativity Silent Night Bauble.

His and Hers

Mr & Mrs Bauble

His and hers sinks, separate wardrobes, different cars… but not at Christmas. It’s a time for staying together and sharing, like this Mr & Mrs Bauble.

Oh Deer

New Reindeer Bauble

Smashed another bauble? Well, never mind. You can replace it with this fun New Reindeer Bauble and have the best Christmas yet.

Light as a Feather

Personalised Blue Feather Glass Bauble

Make sure you hang this one up high! If you’re not careful, the Personalised Blue Feather Glass Bauble will be your cat’s new favourite bauble too…

Everyone’s Favourite Snowman…

The Snowman and the Snowdog Friends Round Ceramic Decoration

… and his cute snow dog. Save this bauble Christmas present until the evening, when you’re all settled down to watch the Snowman and the Snow Dog. It’s tradition, after all.

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  • Aisling Finucane
    December 18, 2021 10:43 pm

    Hi, A friend has had some incredibly sad news and I would like to be able to order a personalised bauble (the white one with the feather) with a name on it. Would it be possible to get it before Christmas? I can collect from anywhere and live in Nenagh


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